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Yes! All of this!

A film that gets better with age and that earned Coleman the reputation of the ultimate jerk boss-man swindler. Tomlin, Fonda, and Parton are movie magic and highlighting the extreme patriarchy they suffer from only draws attention to how we have not moved far enough in the almost 40 years since the film's release. The film still has charm, wit, and panache and still feels like many a blue collar workers fantasy, if only for two hours.
age 12+

Still holds up

My 13- and 10-year-olds got a lot of laughs out of this movie. There is a long marijuana scene and sexual harassment. Neither of those are too extreme, but if your family is sensitive to avoid such topics this movie isn't for you. My kids enjoyed the movie and understood the take-away message. I watched this a lot as a kid, and my spouse had never seen it, and we both agreed it held up well.
age 12+

Slapstick-Humored Movie Tackles Important Issues

I showed my mature 12-year-old twins and 14-year-old this movie. There are quit a few liberal uses of s**t, a**, bastard, goda*n. Young kids might not understand the topic of embezzlement, which plays a minor role in the movie. Sexual harassment is a major theme, and the boss harasses workers, calling them "my girls" and blackmailing one of them into having an affair with him. He comments on their appearance multiple times. There is a scene in which the main protagonists smoke pot, and there are no consequences. The humor can be, at times, violent, but there is no blood/injuries shown. One of the characters is shown smoking multiple times, and there is a minor character who shows up to work drunk multiple times. Protagonists are shown getting drinks at the local bar. The revenge the protagonists take on the boss is a little extensive but funny all the way. This film teaches kids and adults alike to stand up for themselves and change what is wrong.

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