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Deep, disturbing, and definitely not for kids

Firstly, this film is not for kids. Period. However, your kids will grow up one day and be confronted with the evil that's in the world. Heck, they might even have to confront the darkness within themselves one day. That's really what this film is about. It's a deep film, a disturbing film—but it's anything but 'pointless' and 'appalling', as the Common Sense Media review labels it. But hey, if 'a negative portrayal of an evangelical figure' is too much for you, maybe you ought to give this one a miss.

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Outstanding, adult-oriented film

This is an Oscar-caliber film with incredible acting, direction, editing and cinematography. It's not for everyone, but cinema-lovers, as well as thriller/true crime lovers will greatly appreciate. The Common Sense Media review by Tara McNamara is completely clueless. This film will win awards.
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No Gratuitous Rape Scenes, Thankfully

I'm posting my comment for those who may be triggered by rape scenes. Though there are no rape scenes acted out in this movie, this movie is still definitely NOT for kids. Even if they're 18, they should be a mature 18. The actor playing Bundy nails him to a T! It's as if they brought the SOB back to life and had him play himself! Elijah Wood's acting is stellar, as well. This is one movie about TB that is far more accurate, and WAY less gratuitous with the showing of violent scenes such as rape scenes, etc. There's none of that in this film, which is a relief! You may see a couple of quick references to it, but nothing really triggering. I would say the only triggering part of this film (for me) might be towards the very end, where Bundy is describing to Elijah's character what he did to one of his victims (how he tricked her, and how he raped her). He's talking about it intensely, which is enough; however, you won't be forced to watch it acted out in a montage as he's talking about it. I really respect this film for not showing that kind of thing, unlike the movie, "Ted Bundy" (2002), which repeatedly did this. I had to turn it off. If you are triggered by people talking about rape, you may want to avoid this movie, as well. If you're like me and can handle talking about it better than seeing it being acted out, this movie is safe. I mean, it still bothered me, but at least I didn't have to SEE it.