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age 15+

No violence, no gore, no sex. Don't let your kids watch it, though- this is a Bundy film, after all.

This movie is an insightful, non-glamorized look into the death row years of Ted Bundy, and more importantly, the FBI agent who spoke with him, Bill Hagmaier. It's got a female director, which I think was a good choice for a Bundy movie (whose victims were all female). Amber Sealey did very well here with not glamorizing Bundy's crimes and presenting a more human side of him that, like it or not, he had. There's no reenactment of his crimes, no graphic violence or gore- there's some swearing, yes, but if you're old enough to watch Silence of the Lambs, you can watch this. (Also, whoever wrote "graphic descriptions of violence in pointless Bundy drama" clearly has not watched the movie. There is exactly one scene of graphic descriptions of violence, and it's pretty quick. There's discussion of violence, sure, but the "graphic" scene shows up one time towards the end of the movie. Also, isn't this site for determining whether movies are okay for kids, not for presenting your opinions on it? I don't know. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, I watched this at 15 and I wasn't traumatized. Everyone calm down.)

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