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No One Gets Out Alive

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NO sex, YES violence. I think the other reviewers were watching the wrong movie. There's not even mentions of sex and drugs.

despite what other reviewers have said, there is NO sex, only brief mentions of drinking alcohol and smoking, there IS lots of gore, violence and supernatural themes. The movie's done really well. It's quite creepy with some very bloody and realistic violence. If you're not good with gore then don't watch this movie. I wouldn't say there's too much violence (if you're a horror fan) but if it's a movie you're gonna watch with the kids after dinner? Then yeah, it's pretty violent.

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Too much violence
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age 17+

Creepy horror movie with interesting monster

THE GOOD: I liked that the main character's backstory (being an illegal immigrant, leaving her in a bad situation with few options) added to the horror of the film. In a horror film with lazier writing, characters just make inexplicably bad choices which lead to their fate/situation. However, the reasons the main character has to stay in the house which obviously gives her bad vibes are reasonable, plot related and do not feel contrived. The movie shows a humanized story of the struggles an immigrant like the main character faces, and she is really caught between a rock and a hard place. I was really happy the movie did not include sexual assault despite some of the men's actions having creepy undertones and it could have easily 'gone there'. There is actually no on-screen sexual content in the movie. TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT: Violence Against Women (3/5) - The violence of the film is centered around violence against women. (Spoilers beyond) In the end it is literally a trap set for women, and they are held captive, hit, restrained and killed. This sort of targeted violence can be upsetting, and it might be worth talking about. Violence in General (3/5) - For such a small cast of characters, many die. One male character who attempts to intervene and save the main character is killed. The main character eventually escapes the trap by killing her captors, but she is the only one who makes it out alive. There is a decent amount of gore.