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age 17+

Great but extremely violent

I was looking forward to watching this horror movie, but it wasn't just as good as I had imagined , it was gory, bloody and so violent, but overall it did deliver some very scary frights to me and my friend, Izzy.
age 17+

Fine, but very gory violence

This movie looked good, and it kind of was but it was kind of a bit disappointing and the gory violence was so disturbing and kind of put me off the movie. It's not for kids at all.
age 16+

Great movie, very gory

I watched this movie with my friend yesterday and personally I didn’t find it scary, just violent and very gory, not to an unmanageable level though. Kids are killed gorily through acts such as being impaled through the head, being beat, shot and many more. There is a brief sex scene, frontal nudity is shown, nothing too graphic though. A man is put through a wood chipper, people are dismembered, graphic severed limbs and heads are shown. A dead animal is shown, moderately graphic, with maggots feeding on its corpse. Use of strong language inconsistantly throughout the movie. The plot in the movie is captivating and it is written very well, excellent screenplay. The main female character is a strong role model, as she persists through many tragedies and is heroic and strong throughout it all. Representation of the gay community is included along with strong characters. I’d recommend this movie to 16+, but it should be alright for very mature 15 year olds.

This title has:

Great role models
Too much violence
age 14+

Love it but not for kids

Sex: There is a non graphic sex scene and breasts are shown towards the beginning Language: F**k and some other language Violence: Intense. A person is thrown against a tree repeatedly, somebody is stabbed through their head, somebody stabs their friend, somebody is kissed and their tongue is pulled out, somebody is stuffed in a wood chipper, a monster is run over by a car