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Parent of a 6 year old Written bymadsmooney1214 December 6, 2012

nobody walks

way, but it's too arty and portentous for its own good. Nobody walks away unscathed here, and neither does an audience hoping for a better, more focused execution. Families can talk about how Nobody Walks depicts marriage. Does it seem authentic? What challenges are presented? Why do you think Julie and Peter drift apart? What do you think the movie's message is? Who is it targeted at? Would you consider the characters role models? Why or why not?
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
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Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written bywonder dove July 9, 2014

Liked it but lacked depth...

I put this film off for a bit after hearing some mixed reviews about it, finally gave it a shot and really enjoyed it despite that it did seem a little unbalanced at times and leaves you wanting more but just doesn't deliver completely. Mainly watched for Olivia Thirlby, the story was interesting but lacked depth. Thirlby plays Martine, an attractive young artist (also very promiscuous) who's a friend of a friend and has come from New York to stay with a nice LA family where the husband Peter (John Krasinski) helps her to complete her project about insects because he's a sound technician. Peter's wife Julie (Rosemarie DeWitt) who's a therapist finally notices Peter's attraction to Martine and confronts him about it, he thinks she's overreacting. Meanwhile, Kolt (India Ennenga) the 16 year old daughter of Julie and her first husband, writes poetry and is attracted to Peter's 20-something assistant David (Rhys Wakefeild) who likes Martine. Kolt is also being tutored by her perverted Italian teacher but doesn't get very far. When Peter learns that Martine wants to go no further with their little affair, he drops her and tries to fix his own relationship with his family while Martine moves back to NY. The story is short and sweet but doesn't seem to go anywhere, it could have been better. Violence is subtle and there is some arguing, a man shouts out profanities to a teen girl in one scene, a bike thrown in a pool out of anger. Language is strong, we hear the f-word several times, sh*t, bullsh*t, sexually related words. Sexual content includes making out in bed between a married couple, a married man cheats on his wife and sleeps with another woman (some light movement and moaning heard) they also kiss sometimes, a woman and another man make out at an airport parking lot where we see him undressing himself but stops, a woman makes out with yet another man in a car, a man tries to seduce his therapist more than once when he tries to kiss her at one point and tells her an explicit dream he had of her. A teen girl flirts and is usually thinking about boys and finally shares her first kiss with a friend. Drug use in one quick scene of adults passing pot around at a party. Okay for the 16+ crowd!!
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing