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Poignant, beautifully performed drama has mature themes.
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Adult Written bySherrylynn70 February 27, 2021

Ridiculous that this movie is rated R

Ridiculous that this movie is rated R!

There are so many things we come across in our day-to-day lives even in regular commercials on TV their farm worse than anything seen in this movie.

And it’s a shame because it displays beauty across America and also lots of real life issues that people can learn from.

I don’t recall any thing as much as a kiss shared in this movie!

It should not be rated R!

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Adult Written byGail RS April 26, 2021

Some Mature Themes, But Fine for Teens

Based on CSM reviews, we watched this with our 13 year old, and he thought it was fine for his age, and we were comfortable having him watch it. My 11 year old could have watched this, but might have been bored. However, be aware of some MATURE THEMES, such as discussion of suicidal thoughts, PTSD, cancer that has metastasized, and planning for death. A woman also bathes nude in a river, and there is some discussion that Nomads must use a right-sized bucket to "take care of your shit" which you will see happen. Also lots of smoking. Beautiful cinematography and brilliant acting by Frances McDormand.
Parent of a 15-year-old Written byAudreydalley March 14, 2021

Real people, real life

We very much enjoyed this movie. Slow pace, authentic people who choose a way of life that is foreign to most of of. Their reasons are their own. Poignant, well acted. The rating is wrong. Not at all an R rated movie. An intriguing perspective on the lives of people who have faced difficulties in their lives & decided that life is, in fact, brief. Watch with wonder.

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Adult Written byHerReelReview March 3, 2021

Beautiful Portrait of a Life Well-Lived

This film is beautiful, though some might find the pace slow because there is very little "action" in the movie. The film centers on a woman named Fern, whose husband has died following the closing of their town's factory. The town has become a ghost town (based on a real place) and she decides to live the life of a Nomad. She lives out of her van and travels the West with other nomads.

The film is beautiful and I had a moment in the film where I was like "this is life, we are looking at life captured on film."

The only reason for the higher age range is that there is brief nudity (non-vulgar) when Fern bathes in a stream. There is also some drinking and smoking, but it is what most kids would see watching Prime-time television or at home with parents who smoke. I can think of two instances where the b-word is said. There isn't any sex that I can recall in the film.

This movie was gorgeously shot and well-acted.

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Adult Written byThe bestttty April 15, 2021

Honestly this movie didn’t hit me.

Right off the bat I just wanted to say that the acting, cinematography and directing are perfect but I didn’t care so much for the screenplay and story.
I’m not gonna say it was a waste of my time, but in these 2 hours I could’ve watched something better. I love Frances Mcdormand but what does the movie represent to me. It’s basically just the same the whole way through.
It gets boring in some bits ‘cuz it’s just all the same.
There’s: nudity and foul language.

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Adult Written byfranlmao March 1, 2021

Can I get a refund?

This movie is boring if you don’t like no interesting story line then it’s for you though. Everyone involved in this movie definitely worked hard and good for them. but if your debating seeing this or tom and jerry see tom and jerry.
Adult Written bytheremin February 5, 2021

Best Film Of The Year

Hands down my favorite film of the year. I feel like the age limits listed here are pretty high, and I'm not sure why this film is even rated R. Looking at the facts shown here, it makes even less sense. Some people drink wine, there's some mild swear words. I'm thinking about showing it to my mature 9-year old when I get to see it again.

Honestly, the messaging of not being so entwined in capitalism, and how even capitalism can be are exactly the kinds of things I want my kids to know about.

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