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Adult Written bykra June 29, 2009

Way too much cussing, otherwise great!

I really, really liked this movie. The language was an extreme disappointment, F this, F that. But, really, that's all there was that was objectionable in the movie for me. There's a little drinking and such, but not over the top or anything. There's one guy who's strung out on heroin or something, but you don't see him doing it and they certainly don't make it look glamorous. Overall, the movie I think had a positive message about the sanctity of friendship and marriage. And some great music as well! I'm not even in to the style of music in the movie and I'm planning on buying the soundtrack. I don't think kids should see it with all the cussing (do kids really need to experience that?), but if you're able to get past a million and one F-bombs, this is a pretty solid movie. I suspect my wife and I will buy it.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written bybarb42 April 9, 2008

A Classic--Don't miss it!

This was a lovely experience, and so suitable! Another reviewer said the Ratings Board members should suffer eternal punishment for giving this film an "R" rating. I agree. This film is incredibly suitable, as well as being OUTSTANDING. The ONLY reason it's rated "R" is the use of the F word, usually as an adjective, i.e. "That's F-ing fantastic!" I was worried about taking my 12 yr old to an R movie--no need! I wasn't embarassed, not once--except when I bought the tickets!
Adult Written byatleast April 9, 2008
Parent of a 10, 13, and 15 year old Written bynotwatchingthat October 2, 2013

Single Man and Married Women..Not Okay.

I'm not only shocked, but extremely disappointed that Common Sense Media would give this movie a four star rating. I'm equally disgusted by the age appropriate suggestion! "...the positive message about love and emotional connection...", are you kidding me? The women is married; does that not matter to anyone out there? The entire movie is about a single man advancing toward a married women, and a married women advancing toward a single man-and everyone is cool with this? And you(Common Sense Media) describe it as: 'sweet' and 'romantic' and as 'hitting all the right notes'? Appropriate for a thirteen year old? What?! A storyline like this one isn't appropriate for an adult let alone OUR CHILDREN. Common Sense??, I'm not seeing it. I think it's time you change your name.
Parent of a 10 and 11 year old Written bycatrambone April 9, 2008

An Engaging Musical

If your hung up on foul language you might want to screen this first and decide for yourself if it's appropriate for your kids. I,for own, am not bothered by the f word and don't try to shield my kids from it. I think the good messages and the love and art of creating music displayed by this picture far outweigh a few f bombs.
Adult Written byacp April 9, 2008
Adult Written bygoldbergfriend3 April 9, 2008

A must see for every one ten yers old and up

This movie was like a breath of fresh air. More than entertainmen with its moving theme and refreshingly convincing characters, it showed how cinema could createsomething akin to a magical experience of "dropping in" to someone else's life and enjoying the time spent there1 The songs written by the characters were so good we can't wait for the release of both a DVD and a CD!
Adult Written byKatherine K. October 30, 2016

Wrong supportive message

Wewent to alive performance and I thought the opening scene was quirky and fun! An interesting concept that musicians were using their own musical instruments. What "bothered" me was the relationship that was embraced as acceptable. Had "her" husband or "his" girlfriend participated I would be writing a different review. At one scene he suggests she come up to his apartment later and she certainly accepted with an inference she would! Our lives are complex with marital commitment set aside in many instances. He had a very supportive steady relationship who accepted what he chose without question and showed loyalty! America where are our values? Is it ok to "flirt" with infidelity? Is it ok as long as we restrain from following through? I enjoyed the performance but wish the messsge was more supportive of traditional and committed marriage! My husband couldn't hold back his tears-what do you think this suggested? I accept it but wonder how my life might be different if it had been another time in American history. Infidelity is everywhere-it affects most of us- why pay to see its affects in person. I now have a new sadness to deal with and I paid to see it in person. Sad-I'd rather spend my hard earned money in more positive ways!
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Adult Written bytolkien geek mi April 22, 2015

Truly Beautiful

When my parents told me I needed to watch this movie they predicated it is rated R...but... It's beautiful. The R rating is exclusively or language. Which comes in spurts and is severe. The opening scene is the worst, and I did stop watching initially. But it was well worth it. Hansard and Irglova are a beautiful couple. There is almost no sexual content. One mention of "hanky panky" and one offer of simply "would you like to stay?" (which is refused) The story is lovely and the music is wonderful and the filming, though avant garde, is fascinating. Highly recommended.
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Parent of a 18+ year old Written byValdoria September 28, 2012

Breath of fresh air

Great movie, slow going, lets you enjoy the little things. Does not exploit or sexually object women so you can relax and enjoy with your boyfriend without feeling awkward or having women's body parts shoved down your throat.
Adult Written bywilsonpop April 9, 2008

I wore out the soundtrack

I rarely spend money on a movie, but I saw this one twice in the theatres, and I bought the soundtrack which transports me back to the sweetness that is Once. The f-word is a constant, but delivered in a lilting Irish accent, it's more of an endearment than an offense. That said, I'm still not sure when it's appropriate for my kids (13 & 15) to see it. And I do want them to see it. A friend described the movie as 'pure' - not so much morally but more in how it's delivered. Great movie!
Adult Written byJCH April 9, 2008

Not appropriate for under 17!

I can not imagine thinking this movie appropriate for those under 17, based on the language alone. Every other word is f**k. Should we really be telling our 13-year-olds that this kind of language is OK by letting them watch this movie? OK, the movie's content is not offensive, but it is rated R for language, and that recommendation should be followed. I am disappointed in Commonsense for recommending it for age 13.
Adult Written byrenner620 April 9, 2008

Don't be deterred by the language!

A wonderful story with many positive attributes. Please, please don't let the ever-present f-bomb keep you from it. Especially for young teens, it's important to see a movie where characters of the opposite sex form a real friendship and value each other AS FRIENDS. The only advice I would give is to watch it with English subtitles (available on the DVD menu) because the accents can be difficult to understand.
Adult Written byNikki_Inc April 9, 2008

a REAL story

a beautiful story that is real and true. this is a good one for teens to watch--the fact that these two remained "just friends" reinforces good choices in world of movies that usually only show extremes. the f**k is so previlant because it is not considered a bad word in Ireland--just remind the kids that every culture is a bit different.
Adult Written bystacymavros April 9, 2008


Inventive, smart story--you cannot help but adore the two lead characters...quirky--absolutely loved it--a true breath of fresh air...we bought the soundtrack. If given a lower age rating only concern would be for language. Again--we are baffled why this received an R and a movie like One Missed Call got a PG13...our ratings system is a mess in America.