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Book-based drama is too heavy for younger teens.
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age 14+
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Adult Written byhelenmirrenrox August 24, 2011

Good Movie but too much sex and swearing

Sex- 14+. There is a scene where we see a woman's back end. There is a scene on the beach where men barbieque nude and you see there back ends. A man's clothes are stolen when he is nude and we see him running after the theif with a plastic bag over his down south. You see several men shirtless and you see nipples. A woman and a man open a door and lean back onto a counter, they kiss very passionatly, then he kisses her all over, then they go into a bedroom and begin to strip (then this scene ends). A woman brushes her teeth and comes out of the bathroom her bra and underware, the man in her bed doesn't have sex with her because they agree it's a bad idea, so the just sleep next to each other. A man and a woman run down and street and begin kissing romanticly and with passion. A man asks a woman for her number and they start kissing. A man and a woman sit on a roof top alone and kiss a few short times. A woman and a man are shown in a bed sitting up while having sex, HOWEVER it only shows them from the waist up. People kiss passionatly in some scenes. A woman begins to remove her clothes and so does a man, then they kiss in their underwear and pajamas. Some people talk about sex and sex toys a few times. A man and a woman go skinny dipping in the water and you can see lots of nudity. A man's wife has an affair with a nother man, you can see them sitting in a bed with clothes on. People have relationships and hold hands, kiss, hug, and talk about sex and love. A man carries a woman up the stairs to her bed then leaves. A woman is shown sitting in a bed next to a man a few times. A bride invites a man she had sex with to her wedding and many people talk about it. ----- Violence 12+. Some men and women play a fighting game where a man gets hit on the head 3 times with a book, and a woman get slapped on the face and falls onto a floor. A man is attacked in a bar and you can see his face smash agenst glass. A man lays on the floor and cries infront of his ex and kid. *spoilers*- A woman rides her bike and gets hit by a bus, you can see her under the bus and when it leaves you can see her dying on the ground. ----- Swears 13+. This movie has a loud "F*ck", bast*rd, pri*k, Dam*, He*l and Oh G*d. People yell and shout too. ---- Drinking, Drugs and smoking 6+. This movie has little drinking ect... people are in a bar, and some wine but nothing bad.

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Violence & scariness
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