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age 10+

Real life family makes uplifting holiday story

We have watched this one many times over the years. It is one of grandma’s favorites because it shows the way families that don’t have it all find their way. Strong but realistic sibling and mother-father relationships. The real takeaway is that life isn’t easy, but everyone gets to believe. Uplifting.

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age 11+

Badly named example of a 'Christmas' movie

What was the Disney Corporation thinking? We would not have given this turkey any room on the shelf – never mind it going beyond the pre-production script stage. This black, bleak, misfire is surely one of the worst examples of a ‘Christmas’ movie we have ever seen. Harry Dean Stanton makes for one of the creepiest ‘Angels’ imaginable – roaming dark streets, chatting up little kids and mothers in an appallingly ‘suspect’ manner (not Harry’s fault just a BAD script.) At first, the family’s financially depleted domestic situation looked as it was being covered in a realistic (non-glossy ‘Hollywood’ style manner). Then came the desperate criminal element, with an armed hold-up, a stolen car (with a child on the back seat) but then it got even worse with this poor family’s Dad being shot dead! From herein, it all goes belly- up with a ludicrously glib North Pole interception – yes, you guessed it, write a letter to Santa and in the ‘nick’ of time - he will make it all well again! Perhaps Walt was turning in his grave about now - just as we were squirming in our seats! No Faith, no honest warmth, nothing to believe in, just wretched soulless writing. Stay away from this ‘magic’ least you want to go home feeling ill - check out the more accurate, disappointed audience reactions. Waste of an interesting cast (the only thing that drew us in the first case)
age 9+

Wonderfully Challenging Film

I remember watching this when I was very young and although there are challenging and scary themes it is balanced with a beautiful message about the importance of family and the magic of Christmas. A movie to watch WITH your kids so you can talk about it during or after. Well worth it.

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