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sad stupid and scary

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Too scary for kids!

As a surfer, I try hard not to 'scare' myself silly with shark movies, but for some reason popped this one in the DVD. This is too scary for kids and will definitely give sensitive ones nightmares. Kids shouldn't have to be exposed to the terrible things that are highly unlikely to happen in life to them or their family. If you want a scary 'animal preys on human' movie, stick to 'Jaws', but don't let your kids under 15 watch that one either, unless you don't care if they ever learn to swim! On a cinematic value note -- this one could have been much better, just some better camera work could have made it more suspenseful.
not rated for age


This was one of the dumbest movies I've seen in a long time. It was so predictable. Basically the whole movie was about two people floating in the water. In fact, the fact that these two people ended up floating in the water was pretty far fetched. I was really disappointed in this movie.
not rated for age

what happened?

I felt that movie drag on quite a bit.. i mean, they're floating in the water. Its almost pointless because you know the outcome. Don't take a kid who is afraid of the water!!
not rated for age
not rated for age

Horrible Movie

At first I thought this was going to be like Jaws or Deep Blue Sea, but I was terribly wrong. The whole movie is full of terrible language, one clothing malfuction, and a horrible ending. Basically the whole movie is about two people (husband and wife) who go on a scuba trip only to be left by their scuba captain. The rest of the movie shows the two trying to stay alive as they are attacked by sharks and other sea creatures. The ending is the most disturbing part. The husband dies because he lost too much blood (shark bite) and then the wife drowns herself. So all in all, if you want to see a good shark movie, watch Jaws. This is NOT a kids movie.
not rated for age

Stupid stupid stupid stupid

You do not want to watch this movie!!! its so idIOTIC!!!!!!! if you thought this would be like jaws boy your wrong!!!! In the end the women drowns herself (im pretty sure she feeds herself to the sharks) DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!