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age 14+

Sci-Fi love story has problems...

Parents need to know that out of all Netflix produced content, Orbiter 9 is probably among the cleanest. There is minimal swearing, brief strong violence [see below], and one implied sex scene wherein a woman hops on top of sleeping man and takes her top off-her bare back is shown. This is the only sex scene present, though the entire plot does revolve around the fact that a scientist had sexual relations with one of the experiments. That being said, viewers may take offense with how the main relationship in the film is portrayed; the scientist was well aware of the psychologically cruel conditions for the subjects beforehand, yet appears not to care at all, until he meets one, thinks she's hot, and ultimately sleeps with her out of pity. It is only after this occurrence that he begins to question the validity of the experiment as a whole, but even then, does nothing to right the wrong done to any of the other subjects except the one from his tryst. Other issues may include: a parent essentially trades his unborn child's freedom for his lover, a lesbian couple talk about the issues surrounding fertility discrimination, parents willingly give up their children to be lab rats, a woman is shot up-close in the head.