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Parent reviews for P2

Common Sense says

Brutal, minimalist stalker bloodbath. Pass.
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Parents say

age 18+
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age 13+
Based on 9 reviews
Adult Written byreekster April 9, 2008


it wasnt bad at all allalalalala
Adult Written bynovak8798 January 11, 2015

don't waste your time watching this you own it burn it.

well i first saw this movie when it came out i watched it online for free i wanted to see it in the theater, because i loved wes bentley. personally i am truly thankful that i didn't pay to go see this garbage the acting was horrible. the main female character runs around (after getting her clothes changed) in a really slutty dress showing her tits off. when shes hiding, and hes looking for her she makes her last place known by screaming at everything which personally if you're trying to run away from someone who kidnapped you you don't scream. the main male character did a shitty job as well not as bad as the slutty female who can't act worth the crap. besides being in a slutty dress running around barefoot while handcuffed the whole movie is in the parking garage now there aren't a lot of places to hide in a parking garage if someones chasing you yet the guy was only able to catch the slut twice since she made her escape. which they should of opened up more into the building so that way you had no idea where she is or if he knew where she was at. he knew where she was hiding yet the slut got away which was rather pathetic while being handcuffed. she was able to call 911 on her cell phone she drops it, and breaks her nail off while trying to get her phone then leaves it. the police show up they stay for 5 minutes they don't make sure that everything is okay they simply leave which we know that police won't ever leave right away they will search everything up, and down. he records her while shes knocked out, and hes feeling her up which leads me to believe that he raped her while being knocked out in her slutty dress. the facial expressions the main female character didn't match her emotions they should of chose a better actress i never wanted to blow my brains out more than anything else until i saw her acting skill which was horrible. they should of chose a different male too i like wes bentley, but he proved that he can't really do a horror movie since mostly he was always yelling about everything. with this said i don't think you should waste your time watching this movie don't go to a red box, and rent movies better off if you really wanna see it is watching it online for free. that way if you watch this shitty ass movie you won't be pissed about spending the money on it. this is just a low budget movie that the producers, directors, and actors only cared about the money in box office it only made 4 million dollars, and it cost them 8 million to make this shitty movie which they only got half their cost back. that should prove right there how shitty the movie is. i know it sounds like i'm ranting, but personally it pisses me off that someone thought of the idea to make a movie like this with terrible acting female being worse she made my ears, and eyes bleed with her annoying voice. with that being said if you really wanna see this piece of shit that they call entertainment then watch it online for free. i wouldn't waste your time though its an hour and forty minutes of your life you'll never get back

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byEvilasisivle December 18, 2018

Might have been good

Too bad the dialog in thrillers like this have to be laced with F-bombs. Otherwise this could have been a more tolerable thriller. Some unexplained sequences also ruined it, like why didn’t she call 911 when she was in the security office? And why is they guy seemingly unphased after being stabbed with a fork? Lame!

This title contains: