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Patch Adams

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age 13+

This film is half funny/ half sad.

This film is uplifting although. It contains sick patients dieing, off screen murder, suicide attempts ,and crude humour.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 13+

a fun movie with fun and unexpected twists

The title character, played by Robin Williams and based on a true story, had a mental illness, for which he spent some time in a mental hospital. Once released he decided to go to medical school so he could treat patients in a way that worked for him- with laughter. That he did and did well. His unconventional ways did not sit well with the faculty, especially the dean of the medical school, who tried to stop Patch from getting the degree that he rightly earned. But Patch won the appeal. This movie is filled with enough suspense to keep the audience on its toes. This movie celebrates a character and ideas that were ahead of their time.
age 18+

not for kids, but all of us

You can see how the old mentality and a new one collides... you may understand why the first and second wold war erupted... dont want to be far fetched, but bringing new idea seems always difficult:)
age 8+

Good Moral Questions

This film is good for anyone beyond the age of reason.