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Parent reviews for Penguin Highway

Common Sense says

Magic, mystery, some mature content in lovely anime.
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Parents say

age 14+
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Kids say

age 10+
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Parent of a 7 year old Written byJared B. August 22, 2019

Common Sense, you need to rethink your system.

What seems "Great for Families" about a film about a perverted little boy who's fixated on women's curves?

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written bynduns September 3, 2019

Pay attention and you'll notice this movie's brilliance.

This is a very interesting film. First off, this is a very creative film. Despite being set in our world, it has many interesting and out there ideas. And yet despite how odd the story is, the characters are all realistically and wonderfully written. Yes, despite its oddball premise, this film is actually a character study disguised as a sci-fi mystery, and I find that kind of brilliant. The characters aren't exactly super deep or anything, but they are charming and relatable in their own right. Also, any film that can do a bully character right gets massive props, and this is one of those films. On top of that, it has a very nice painterly look to it and excellent animation. Though probably the most impressive thing about this film is that stuff that would normally get to me actually works exceptionally well here, probably because it was actually intentional. For instance, the main lead always and I mean always shows no emotion when he speaks. He has a wide enough range of facial expressions to show a personality, but his voice never reflects it. Normally, this would imply bad voice acting, but when you see the kind of character he is and how obsessed he is with Scientific discoveries, it almost instantly makes sense why he talks like that and it also makes certain moments and dialog from him a lot funnier than it would be if he had a wide vocal range. Also, while this film does explain a lot of its many story elements during the final act, it doesn't explain the main thing tying everything together. At first, I found that kind of strange and even started to think maybe that was the film's way of saying that some things can't be explained. But then I remembered the a huge theme of this film is studying phenomena and making theories and scientific discoveries. That was when I realized unlike most films that pull this kind of thing, this was done intentionally to encourage audiences to come up with their own theories behind the plot. Normally, this could be seen as lazy writing and a convenient excuse for the writers to get away with something they didn't think through, but in this film's case, it actually makes sense as, again, it fits with the theme. Though it is also because of this that the only people I can't recommend this film to are those who like to get straight answers when watching films. For everyone else, I definitely recommend checking this out. It's certainly one of the more unique animated films out there, but then again, it's Japan. That's to be expected at this point. As for the whole thing with the main character fantasizing about boobs, like it or not but that is realistic. The kid in this film is at the age when children start thinking about that sort of thing. And even then, it's not the main plot. It's just a character trait, and it does technically add to the film's overall theme of discovery and scientific studies. So, yeah, this stuff actually is relevant to the plot and not just there for the sake of being there.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byOnepineapple23 September 1, 2019

Weird Movie

We rented this because it looked like a studio Ghibli-ish movie and we've watched several anime movies. This movie has some dark undertones and the plot is difficult to follow. Plot jumps around and my 11 year old was constantly wondering why events were happening - I couldn't explain, I was just as confused. Things in the movie that bumped the age rating up for me were not even necessary for the plot. They could have been taken out without changing or diminishing the movie. Spoilers: The main character, a 10 year old boy, is constantly talking about and thinking about "boobs." Physical bullying is a constant theme including a scene where they show the bully urinating on one of the main character's items (no nudity) after beating him and tying him to a vending machine. Awkward scene where the main character is spending the night at an older woman's house, for no other reason than to be watching her sleeping and have some sort of pubescent awakening? We still could never reason why he was randomly spending the night there. Anyways, if I'd known, we probably would have just skipped it. Some movies sex and violence are actually pivotal to the plot or worth it for the overall movie. Nothing made this movie amazing or worth the time.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byMushiShi September 15, 2019

A lot of creepy sexuality

Starts out deceivingly as an adorable child-centered adventurous narrative about a "smart" kid who loves science. Quickly turns into a pre-pubescent coming of age tale about how he is fascinated by an older woman's boobs. The mysterious older woman character is sexualized and somewhat flirtatious with the young boy, which I find incredibly unsettling. Also lots of swearing and bullying.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff