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age 14+

Typical and unoriginal Found Footage thriller

Overall, Phoenix Forgotten was an exceptionally good film if you're looking for an easy thriller. It has a captivating beginning, a strong climax, and a shocking twist ending. The story follows the disappearance of three teenagers after they ventured into the Arizona desert to find the source of what looked like a UFO sighting. 20 years after the incident, one of the teen's sister comes back to investigate further into the closed case. She soon finds an old tape recorder that contains video footage showing the progress and eventual fate of the teens. Though it does have potential, and is produced by legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott, Phoenix Forgotten ultimately falls short of its mark. Borrowing heavily from earlier Found Footage films such as Cloverfield, the plot seemed somewhat reused and unoriginal. Though I recommend this movie at age 14+, parents should be aware of some of the frightening elements presented: The aftermath of dead coyotes are seen skinned and burnt up without an explanation, three teenagers are stalked by an unidentified force in the mountains in the dead of night, two people begin losing their minds in a particularly disturbing sequence, where they start laughing uncontrollably and hallucinating. The film also contains some language (mostly uses of sh**, but also d**n, h**l, and possibly a misuse of Jesus' name). There is also a scene in which teens sing karaoke to a rap song with suggestive lyrics.

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