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Adult Written bySkuld April 9, 2008

Once again Parents are idiots.

Ive read a lot of the negative reviews. FIRST of all...its PG 13...meaning no children under 13. If you take your child and he is under 13 and he is afraif, it is your own fault for being an idiot. Second, its a movie abour PIRATES. If you knew ANYTHING about the history of pirates you would know its not all cake and icecream. Pay attention to the ratings next time. The problem with this country is all the parents who feel they need to control everyone elses kids, yet let their own run wild. Protect YOUR OWN children, and may more attention to THEM rather than everyone elses children. You will get further in life. The movie, was fantastic just like the first and third. Great graphics great story!
Parent Written byJLFM May 11, 2012

If you let your kids see the first, there's no reason to skip this one

What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Educator and Parent of a 9 and 14 year old Written bylioness57 April 9, 2008

More fun than the reviews made you think

We took our 12 and 8 year old. The 8 year old wasn't scared at all but I think that's because he saw the first movie. There were fewer skeletons than in the first movie and he thought Bootstrap Bill was cool-looking Lots of fun.
Adult Written byjfamily8 April 9, 2008


Exciting and action packed but you should know the movie includes scenes that aren't just scary, they are disturbing--one includes men in cages at a prison being eaten alive by crows, including watching their eyes being pecked out and the sound of a crow eating the flesh. Another includes an enslaved father whipping his own son. This movie was just a huge setup for the third movie. The mystery/plot was not resolved and is hard to understand in the first place. It does have some funny stuff, and is overall pretty entertaining, though too long. I was glad when it was over and anxious to tell the world this is not a movie for kids.
Adult Written byramonatime April 9, 2008


I love this movie. I can see it over and over again. Yes there's violence, and Yes there is drinking, but I'm an adult. My kids (oldest 9) haven't seen it yet. Lovin' it for adults and teens though!
Adult Written bycommon_sense_user_12 April 9, 2008

Good movie...

First of all, I'd just like to say that the first Pirates movie was a lot better than this one, but it's still worth seeing. There's more violence than in the first one, including two attacks by a giant monster squid called the Kraken, some blood (not an issue if you're kids aren't squimish), and of course, lots of sword fighting and guns that are never shot, merely pointed threateningly at other people. But what do you expect? This is a movie about pirates. All in all, it's a good movie with lots of great special effects, good acting, and an entertaining yet somewhat puzzling plot. There's also a cliffhanger at the end that will leave you wanting to see Pirates 3 as soon as it hits theaters!
Adult Written byheartXcore April 9, 2008

The first one was better.

Parts of this movie were disgusting, even for myself, with a tough stomach. First of all, Davy Jones and his crew are all disfigured, grotesque men turned sea creatures. Def. not for kids under 13, in my opinion. Second, there seemed to be a lot more "voodoo" influence on the native islanders. More superstition... trying to make it interesting, but giving the movie an eerie effect. Personally, I don't like movies that incorporate witchcraft in them, but some parents might be more complacent about this issue. Third, Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow's make out scene wasn't necessary. It had nothing to do with the general plot. As in the above issue, some parents may be okay with letting their kids watch that. Overall, this movie was confusing and worse than the first. It had a weird plot outline and I think lots of kids (especially girls) who are "up-to-date" with pop culture are just going to watch it for the actors/actresses and/or the romance scenes. Very shallow. Disney could have done better on this one.
Adult Written byhballhead April 9, 2008


After the first 10 minutes I wondered how a young person under 13 years old watching this movie would process the crows eating people trapped in cages? It only got worse from there with almost non stop violence which I am afraid our society has come to accept as entertainment. The fist fighting, stabbing, throat slashing, head chopping, etc. continued throughout the movie. This is definitely not a movie for young children to watch!
Parent of a 8 year old Written byronansuperman January 6, 2017

awesome villains!

Adult Written byOliviaReviewsIt September 13, 2015

Second 'Pirates' is Less Funny, More Confusing

POTC 2 to me, was a pretty big disappointment in comparison with its predecessor. I mean, I liked the movie, it’s just that it had some pretty confusing moments, which continue into the third film as well. Davy Jones was an OK villain, and there were some good battle scenes, but nothing to compare to the first one. Jack Sparrow was pretty humorous in this one, which would make it a star up from what I would otherwise rate it. This movie has some rather gross scenes, such as vultures eating on people, Jack Sparrow biting on a toe, and Davy Jones’ heart beating in the treasure chest. Language: Mild: use of ‘damn’ at least once. Sexual: mild. Elizabeth and Jack share a passionate kiss. Jack references his compass in a sexual way: “it will point to what you want most” and it points to him—as Elizabeth wishes for a man. This kind of behavior continues throughout the movie, but can only be picked up by older viewers. Overall, this movie has nothing that most teenagers can’t handle-but only watch if you have seen the first one, or you just seriously want to see Davy Jones.
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Parent Written byBob Deckland September 6, 2015

As good as the previous one

If your telling your children that they cannot watch this, that's trash.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byBubblyMushroom August 30, 2014

Awesome Movie

This movie is filled with action and suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. As always, Johnny Depp is amazing and his character, Captain Jack Sparrow, definitely adds plenty of humor to the movie. The overall plot is somewhat confusing and some characters and scenes may be, too violent and scary for young children, but this movie is without a doubt one of the best.
Adult Written byAlphaZK93 January 21, 2011

Pretty good film is a little more graphic than the first.

Honestly, if your kid watched the first one with no problems at all, then they would be totally fine with this one. If they did have some problems, maybe you should watch it first and see if they could handle it. When they find the heart, it might be a little nasty for the squeamish person, but be advised that it isn't a human heart. It's a weird oval-shaped thing that beats and has way more than 4 arterie thingys. But yeah, It was awesome.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written by4Spice June 14, 2010

pretty good movie

i loved how jonny depp played in this movie 12 and over for fighting no sex
Adult Written bytylor lee February 5, 2010
i think this movie is a very good movie for ages 12 and up because it is very entertaining
What other families should know
Great messages
Parent of an infant, infant, 3, and 5 year old Written byMississippiQueen January 7, 2009
Adult Written byMovieLover101 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008
Adult Written by7th_heaven_fan April 9, 2008
Adult Written byLadyMira April 9, 2008

Action packed without gore, guts and excessive profanity