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age 13+

Boring dissapointing

boring dumb action movie. Not very explicit though. Some atmosphere and scary scenes, but not too bad.
age 15+

What a Great film

I would think Pitch black is a fun, creative and a thrilling film, the film is one of the best in between 2000 and 2021, it’s got some very tense parts and could easily be really frightening for kids, it’s also got a lot of swearing and some gruesome deaths.
age 15+

Good and amazing! But scary for little kids.

This movie is a really good horror movie! Blood and gore is a theme and might be scary to younger audiences, it also has a bundle of F words in there. But still a very good movie!

This title has:

Too much swearing
age 15+

This was good but may be frightening to those who are younger

So this movie was great but it would frighten those under 15 a great deal. If you have a mature 13 year old maybe better. This movie has a little gore including on person whose flesh was stripped off their face and another scene where a main character is ripped in half. One slightly emotional scene shows a character being taken by an alien. Riddick relocates several body parts throughout the movie but it had a really good point in the end. Slightly depressing movie but good either way
age 12+

First Riddick film has intense violence and language

This film (Pitch Black) follows the story of a group of prisnors who have crash landed on a unknown planet when they find there not alone. In the film there is surprisingly very few fight scenes, but the few fight scenes they have are very intense including: a body being ripped apart with internal organs flowing from the body (all shown in full detail), a man shooting through somebody head and his bits of his brain busting out the other side also all shown onscreen, another man slicing open somebody's guts all shown onscreen, a people being eaten alive by feral aliens which happens many times but mostly not shown. There is also a lot of suspense which may scare younger viewers and some pretty freaky aliens. There is also references to drugs and a scene were a character puts morphine in his eyeball, one character also is a acholialcoholic a and is scenes mocking and drinking in almost every scene. There is also a lot of foul language including a f word like every 3rd sentence about 10 mf words, and lots of s words, a words, and b words, and a words. Overall there is lot of swearing and limited but intense violence so I think if strictly supervised a mature 12+ years can watch it, without supervision 14+ would be a fair age.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking