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Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 2

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Feast Your Eyes on Feast

While "Feast" isn't in this collection of Pixar Shorts, it is one of their best, and you should search it up for your family. The rain poured in sheets as my heart sunk deep in my chest. It was the dreariest of Monday mornings, and I was in dire need of a pick-me-up. I called my sister to see if she had any suggestions. "Yes! I know just the cure for your Monday blues! You have to watch this animated short: Feast!" And, of course, as older sisters always seem to be, she was right. My heart soared, and my Monday blues turned into a motivated mood. To spend 6 minutes watching this award-winning animated film, Feast, would be worth your while.Both the two human characters and the one dog character are special in their own ways to this short film which makes it great.The animation is so cute in Feast, for the dog Winston is precious from his ears to his eyes, to his tiny tail, the food is delectable, and the colors are expressive.While the color schemes in each scene enhanced the mood, it was really the music that played the most powerful role in swaying the audience's mood.Even though there aren’t real actors in this movie, there is still a type of thoughtful cinematography which is the art of using camera angles. Disney has done it again! And, from personal experience, it is 100% worth you watching it again and again!

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Great messages
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Not for young kids whatsoever!

The first short has a LOT of war history with many scenes of gun violence and battle imagery- we were shocked that the recommended age is so low and skipped to the end of the rat story. Didn’t get much better throughout- the most visually interesting story was Night & Day which also contains pointless violence and some regressive views on women so the best short was still depressingly grim to watch with a kid. La Luna was also pretty but runs counter to a scientific explanation for moon phases so our kid had a lot of questions about the story. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this movie at all and truly wish we hadn’t bought or watched it.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
age 2+

Mostly good for young kids

La Luna is really relaxing and beautiful, my kids keep watching it. You'll have to judge for the other.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models