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This has several problems. I will just list them. 1. It is horribly animated. When I watched this, I got dizzy. 2. It has a strange plot. It is basically some fairy torturing a guy. 3. It is unnecessarily cruel. Joe is constantly getting tortured and the fairies hit each other, to 4. It tries so hard to appeal to adults that there are sexual jokes that are noticeable. 5. It uses an overused moral: be nice to others, no matter what they do. 6.It has awful voice acting. 7. It's humor drains fast 8. They stereotype vegans and yoga users to be hippies. Not a good thing. 9. It qualifies as a mock buster that old people would mistaken for Tinkerbell. Oh well, still better than Little Panda Fighter Overall, it's bad and I don't recommend it. It