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Parent reviews for Pokemon 4Ever

Common Sense says

Serious Pokemon fans will like it.
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Parents say

age 5+
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Kids say

age 6+
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Parent of an infant year old Written byHolly R. April 5, 2018

A really cute movie with positive messages

There's a save the environment theme and a good versus evil theme. There's a evil man who has a"dark ball" that turns the Pokemon that get caught in it evil and makes them really strong by maxing out their level. Ash and Pikachu have to save a time traveling forest spirit named Celebi remember to be good when it gets caught and turned evil. Friendship turns it good again and it doesn't die. None of the characters die. It only seems that way but everyone is ok and there is a happy ending. As long as you let your kids know that everyone is ok and the bad guy goes to Pokemon jail (it shows him getting arrested in another movie end credits) they should be ok. There is a scary twig monster in one scene that may frighten young children and there's parts where things blow up but there's no character deaths. There's also minor insult words like "twirps" and "brats" but nothing profane. Also as a side note there seems to be a misunderstanding as to the appeal of Pokemon to kids. I have been a fan since 1998 at the tender age of 10 and here I am age 30 and love it for the same reason I did then. Yes there are some kids that like all that stuff mentioned but a vast majority of fans love it because it's more than a story about catching them all. And there is no secret power that saves the day other than doing the right thing. Every movie that is the secret power that saves the day is doing what is right like in this case putting your friends first and protecting your friends. And Celebi does NOT die, he is saved by other Celebi who come to help their friend. And Celebi is a forest spirit and resembles a green pixie more than a dove (he doesn't have a beak). If Celebi had died he wouldn't have been able to take the kid back to the past at the end.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness