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Mildly violent tale of dark and light, anime style.
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age 5+
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Adult Written byHolly R. November 6, 2018

It's cute

Shaymin is a cute little hedgehog like critter who can turn into "sky forme" where it looks like a flying dog crossed with a deer (since the ears are antler-like). She/he gets separated from the other Shaymin on his way to the "flower garden" and forces the main characters to escort him to his friends so he can make a new flower garden somewhere else. Along the way there's this crazy guy named Zero who wants to control a world known as the "reverse world" where the mighty centipede-like Giratina makes his home. Shaymin is also hunted by Zero who wants Shaymin to use his Seed Flare attack to open a path to the Reverse World so he can drain Giratina of his powers which will kill poor Giratina (who seems scary at first but is actually a nice Pokemon). Shaymin is called the gratitude Pokemon but as the main character points out "It doesn't act very grateful" as it has a snobbish attitude most of the time and in "sky forme" it's also a tad arrogant as well. By the end of the film Shaymin is more pleasant and actually expresses gratitude and learns that Giratina never intended to eat Shaymin. There's also a nice catchy song if you stick around for the end credits. The only content that is of concern is that Giratina is frightening but he is revealed to be nice. Certain scenes can also be on the intense side. There's mild bickering between characters and very mild flirty behavior from one of the characters as well as some slapstick and fantasy violence. On the plus side a character is encouraged to "wash his hands" and is scolded for not doing so, characters who don't get along at first learn to co-operate and become friends, kindness wins over the act of greed and disregard of the life of living critters, and different characters set aside their differences at the end and work together to save the day. It's cute but it's not the best in the series. I'm marking violence because it can be scary for sensitive ones and consumerism since Pokemon is the biggest media franchise in the world at the time of this review beating the likes of Star Wars and the Harry Potter franchise with a 13 billion dollar lead ahead of Star Wars.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byShadowFan567 June 15, 2009

Good Kids Flick!!

This movie is very good for kids and teens who are big anime fans!! It contains cartoonish violence,but not over the top. Great Movie!!