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Kid, 8 years old April 14, 2012

It's decent

Now, I LOVE Pokemon. (I forgot the m in my username) But... Dawn is so annoying I want to burn my ears. Now, let's start with the good stuff: There's a bit of education... and a postive message. Be nice to your animal friends. And, there are role models. Take.. Hmm... Zoura for example. Zoura stays strong when his mother is captured, and gets help to free her. Ash is a GREAT role model. He respects all of the Pokemon. The bad stuff: Quite a bit of violence, but it doesen't scare me. Zoroark is captured, Pokemon battle, Main characters get trapped in one scene, But.. It's just a cartoon! It's not real-life! Pokemon is not Animal Abuse, either. Pokemon are just made-up creatures living in a made-up world. And oh, everybody likes Mario? Mario is lame to me now. I recommend Pokemon more then Mario, It's SOOO much fun then Mario, and has easier play then Mario. Now, Look, and you'll like this movie.
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