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Adult Written byBigDickMcGraw July 18, 2011

Movie is cheesy, but still a classic

Let me just say that if you think that this movie would teach your kids to go off and set things on fire or shoot people in the streets. You have a hell of a lot more problems than an R-rated movie. Yes, this movie has over the top violence, enormous amounts of profanity, constant drug usage and references, as well as full-frontal male and female nudity, but that's what makes this movie stand out. Sure, most families will say that it's highly innappropriate for kids; but that's because THIS MOVIE ISN'T FOR KIDS. That's why it's rated R. The MPAA didn't rate this movie PG so that kids could go see Verne Troyer being molested by primates in one of the character's basement. Grow a brain and don't buy this movie for your kid just so that you can complain about it later unless they're mature enough to handle this.
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Parent Written byMary Kingser April 18, 2012

Amazing would watch again with family

Brilliant, a spine-tingling fun-filled ride for all of the family!
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Uncle Written byAlex N. September 5, 2016

Go Postal

Definitely not for Children... A lot of people say the movie is dumb, or unfunny, or offensive. I tell those people to stick it. This is a pretty funny movie. You just need to be able to appreciate the humor behind it. Now, if anybody gets shocked or offended, please for the love of God, do the right thing and SHUT YOUR TRAP! Nobody cares if you get offended! If you get offended by the material... DON'T WATCH IT YOU DIP! Plain and simple.
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Parent of a 11 year old Written bybutt monger August 23, 2009

okay for 8 and up

love it, kids will understand it if very mature. watch it with your kids to explain tha tis is nnot real life and could never happen
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Too much sex