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Language is wrong on this site!

This movie does say GD which was very disappointing. We always turn off a movie immediately after hearing this being said which is why I rely on this site for accuracy. The 2 sisters are in bed talking and the redhead says to the brunette, "Brush your teeth to get rid of that GD breath.."

This title has:

Too much swearing
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age 18+

Not family friendly.

The only good from this movie is showing family sticks together. The use of curse words, including the GD, is a big no for our family.
age 9+

Still love this classic from my childhood!

This is a great mother/daughter/sister movie. I was 8 years old when I first saw it, and it was not as disturbing as some people make it out to be. Now, at age 32, I'd be comfortable watching it with kids 9+. There is some violence (including historical persecution), mild sexual references, mild swearing and alcohol use (no underage drinking though). Still, it's a classic, feel-good "chick flick" with an awesome, mostly female cast.

This title has:

Great role models
age 8+

A feel good witchy movie

Magical storyline and acting. No sex scenes but suggestive at one point. Might scare younger kids towards the end, but enjoyable for 8+.

This title has:

Great role models
age 13+
age 14+

Big mistake

I should have read the common sense review before I rented this for me and my 12 year to watch. Unfortunately, I just read the reviews on the rental site. Big mistake. I thought it was going to be a charming romantic comedy with some magic thrown in, maybe one scary scene when a bad guy dies. Well, the whole thing was quite terrifying for my 12 year old. There were so many scenes that had me quaking for her - abusive boyfriend, kidnapping, strangling, evil spirits, posession, many suspenseful horror like moments where you thought something evil was going to happen... I could go on and on... I kept thinking I needed to wait for a sweet scene so that my child would realize that this was just a suspenseful journey, but that the end would be charming and loving. I thought with the awesome cast of women it would be positive for her, but of course, there was a scene where they got wasted (think shots of tequila wasted) and made lots of sexual jokes. If I was watching this with my husband, I might have enjoyed the movie. But it was torture to watch with my child. I ended up fast forwarding through the end and let her watch the happy 5 minutes at the end. Whew, what a mess! Had to warn you all.
age 15+

Great movie, a little concerned about the review.

A great movie, but not for small children, tweens or new teens. I would say this is for kids 15 and over. The only thing I am concerned about is the review above that states, "Some parents will also be concerned about the theme of witchcraft..." Witchcraft is a practice of a legal religion called Wicca, recognized by the US Govt. and US Military alike. I don't think we would ever see a warning here telling folks that parents may be concerned about the theme of Islam, Christianity, Judiasm, Hinduism..ect...ect.