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Prey (2021)

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After watching this movie twice I still had to find the spoiler to understand the justification of what transpired and honestly the justification made no sense whatsoever. I’ve watched thousands of movies and I own thousands and I would not recommend this to anyone unless they just like chaos thrillers in the woods. That’s about all I can say without revealing the true “plot” of the movie and I use the word “plot” very loosely. This movie was not given the appropriate writing it needed to have become a 5 star movie. It could’ve been a blockbuster, instead it was a dud.
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I’m 37 and my mom is 70 and we both enjoyed this movie ! Yes there is violence, some language a little nudity but overall, to see my mom jump on occasion was funny but we both had our hearts pumping because it was intense to get to know the background on why that crazied killer ends up being a woman and why she was killing everyone in sight including herself in the end because of her own daughter was mistakenly killed was unexpected and you don’t see that, that often. We thoroughly enjoyed this movie so for everyone who is giving these nasty reviews is completely wrong and disrespectful!!!