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Studio Trigger's Best Anime Yet

HOLY WOW. So I had known about this movie for a long time and really don't know why I waited so long to watch it. I'm in love with Lio, Galo is a himbo and it's perfect, and best part- they're queer for each other. A femboy and a himbo falling in love. Perfection. But the best part about this movie hands down are the colors, animation, and artwork. This is probably the most impressive art I've ever seen in all the anime I've watched (a lot). But there was one flaw. Something I notice about Studio Trigger is they always have god tier visuals and really likable characters. However, the plots are always just alright. Kill la Kill, Darling in The Franxx, they both have the same pattern as this movie. But this is hands down my favorite anime Studio Trigger has ever made, mainly because of the characters and how this art tops all the rest. I overall really enjoyed it, the plot could have been a little more original, that's my only issue. But I totally recommend this movie, it's really really good. Also I'm a sucker for LGBTQ+ representation, and this movie did just that. I thought Lio and Galo were just going to have sexual tension and move on, but then the ending happened. Beautiful. I hadn't fangirl screamed like that in a long time. I love how the creators weren't afraid to add a queer couple. Being in the LGBT community myself, it makes me very happy to see. Please watch it, it is worth it, I promise.

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best movie

great movie. another mastapeece in da book of mastapeeces. studio trigger has outdone themselves yet again. thank u shigeto koyama for designing galo to be the sexiest man alive

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Action-packed anime is stylishly drawn but way too loud

For the record, I thought that since the MPAA gave "Promare" a PG-13 rating for just SOME violence, it was going to be a lot more quiet and contemplative than it initially looked. Boy, was I wrong. The opening fight/rescue scene alone took up the first 20 minutes, and the entire rest of the film wasn't much better. Now, I don't mind a bit of over-the-top action here and there, but when that's all a film can really give you, it just becomes a little boring after a while. Yes, there was a pretty loose plot about how the "Burnishes" are actually sort of the good guys and the government are the really evil ones (never seen that before!), but any sort of nuance that could have come from a story like that is almost immediately swallowed up by all the nonstop carnage (which, bar a couple moments featuring a video of a man being shot in the head with blood spurting out, isn't gory, but still). Additionally, even with the cool way which they were animated, the action scenes aren't even that fun or entertaining due to the awful J-pop songs always playing over them. Hardcore anime or action junkies will be satisfied enough, but everyone else should just try to find something more worthwhile instead. My MPAA rating: PG-13 for extended sequences of strong stylized fantasy action/peril, and some violent images.

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Too much violence