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Dark, powerful, mature revenge comedy attacks rape culture.
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Adult Written byHydroPlaysXband... December 27, 2020

Possibly my favorite film of the year. As of the time of writing this.

Promising Young Woman is a, never mind. I’m not going to tell what it’s about. That would have to include spoilers. But it’s powerful and has a great current message.
All of the mature content practically involves spoilers. So I’ll just sum it up. Violence is not super graphic. Nothing alarm raising is shown. The bulk of the violence is the constant menace of something bad. From the get-go you will have an idea of exactly what I mean. The sexual content does not include nudity, but there are sexual encounters, and a heavy theme is sexual assault. So expect consensual and non-consensual kissing, and undressing. No sex act shown. It’s just the lead up. (It’s so hard not to spoil. But it will most likely be upsetting.) I can’t really describe it. It’s mostly PG-13 stuff. Mostly. The sexual references are pretty graphic too. Various sexual acts are mentioned, not really in detail, but it’s uncomfortable. Some vulgar jokes and stuff too.
The rest is pretty easy. For language, F**k is used probably about 50 times. Maybe once or twice with mother before it. C**t is used about twice. Everything else is used fairly commonly too. Drug use comes into play, graphically, from what I can remember, once. A man snorts cocaine and tries to get someone else to do it. Characters get drunk, visibly, too.
Messages are powerful, but I wouldn’t say positive. Role models either.


The story follows a woman on her quest for revenge for her friend, who was raped, and nothing was done about it. It’s a quite upsetting storyline, and she goes to great extents to teach people a lesson. She pretends to get drunk at bars, goes home with these guys, and threatens them. Nothing very violent is shown, in fact, you barely know what happens to these people. The only particularly violent scene is a scene in which a girl is strangled, then her corpse is burned, mostly offscreen. The voice recording for the rape is heard, but nothing is shown, and nothing particularly graphic is heard, either. The worst of the content is simply the menace and emotional toll on our characters.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byEllenYesEllen January 26, 2021

Important, powerful, well-done movie

If you are interested in helping change how we raise our youth so that we have less violence and oppression in the world, this movie will help you. It is an important, powerful and well-done movie.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byLaraki January 22, 2021

Honest reality

I think this was an excellent movie , highly underrated because it’s so honest about what women go through and what’s been excepted as a right and OK when is actually in life changing and destructive Criminal behavior ! Hope it opened a few eyes for the sake of women’s safety!

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Positive Messages
Parent of a 18+ and 18+-year-old Written bylightworker23 January 18, 2021

A Masterpiece

The reason I rate this film for 17+ is not for any sexual content or language, but for one very disturbing scene towards the end of the film. Every family knows their own kid -- so you decide. For me, I was glad that my 18 year-old daughter just happened to leave the room before that point. However, I do highly recommend that every college-bound woman or man watch this film. It's exquisite, unique, clever, heartbreaking, cathartic (at times), and tremendously powerful. I hope it wins every award out there.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written bykwebb1265 April 7, 2021

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byDarylTheStudent February 6, 2021

Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman is a good first directorial start from Killing Eve's Emerald Fennell. Here Carey Mulligan gives an excellent performance as Cassie, who seeks revenge after her best friend was raped and committed suicide. And I also liked Bo Burnham's performance as her boyfriend.

Content of note:
A strong, prolonged scene of a character being suffocated to death. Lasts about 3 minutes. Said scene is very intense and difficult to watch. Moderately frequent (about 50+ times) use of the f-word. 2 uses of the c-word, one being an aggressive, but muffled use. Frequent sexual references to oral sex, anal, rape, but nothing graphic shown. Sexual harrassment is a main theme of the film. A brief scene whereby characters snort drugs. And of course, the film has positive messages on the #MeToo movement, empathizing with rape victims and condemning rape.

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Positive Messages
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byDobbyTheFreeElf January 23, 2021

Should be required viewing for older teens

Although this movie deals with mature themes, especially sexual assault, it should be required viewing for older teens because it forces viewers to confront backward societal norms of rape and consent. Unlike many of its predecessors, this film does not contain graphic or gratuitous depictions of sexual assault, while confronting the subject matter head-on.

The content is realistic, while maintaining a darkly comedic tone, which makes the message more palatable to those who might be resistant to hearing it. This film should be required viewing for older teens who have a need for a deeper understanding of consent. The film takes particular aim at “nice guys” who lack the stomach for forcibly raping young women who fight back but who are lauded for conquering women who are too incapacitated to consent to sexual activity. Parents should watch this with older teens to discuss the meaning of consent.

The ending, while disturbing, is realistic.

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Positive Messages