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Entertaining but really f***ing weird

I deeply love the Radium Girls story and have researched it to the ends of the earth, this was not it. I don't hate it I'm just disappointed.

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Radium is Dangerous = Join the Communist Party?

This movie is hardly about the effects of radium poisoning. It's mostly about pushing political beliefs, which is kinda hilarious. They want you to associate communism with being good, so they have one of the good guys put hammer-and-sickle pins on his bag and call him a "red". The people fighting to shut down the dangerous factory are a group of underground protestors and activists. At the end of the movie you see the characters smiling and holding up signs saying "Join the communist party!" Why is this in the film? I thought I was going to watch a movie about radium. Besides that, the main character will really get on your nerves after a while, along with the strange transition scenes with clips of random old movies to remind you it's the 1920s. They also have this terrible black and white filter that looks like it came out of TikTok that they put over the movie sometimes. Did they even try? What an awful movie.
age 11+

Just read the book

This movie is totally appropriate, though it has a few gross moments of someones jaw falling out in a cheesy bloody mess. To be honest, this movie is a cheaply made indie movie that had tons of potential with the real story. If you enjoy the story of this and would rather have a realistic depiction of the constant battle fought by these girls, just go and read the book. This was a total dissapointment and depicts the brutal reality of acute radiation syndrome as a cheap pg13 movie that has too many indie style bokeh lensflares and too little realistic moments.
age 12+

I expected more

Content-wise, this movie was okay for younger audiences. The movie isn't too sexual, but a few frames were fairly gruesome. (One of the girl's jaw falls out) A girl is shown in the bathtub as well, but you only see her arms and legs. Despite this, I wouldn't recommend this film to prospective viewers. The premise of this movie and the story it's based on are amazing, but this film fell flat. The main characters are underdeveloped, the exposition emphasises details that aren't relevant to the plot, and the pacing is too fast in some important parts. Additionally, the movie seemed a little too political to me. I felt like I was watching propaganda instead of a movie based on a true story. My biggest problem was the ending. The ending was a huge disappointment and made the entire movie fall flat. Although this movie was based on reality, the ending doesn't reflect what actually happened with the radium girls and ignores the buildup that occurred during the entire movie. All in all, I felt this movie didn't do justice to the events it was based on.