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Wonderful post-college story for 14+

Reality Bites is an excellent drama (not comedy) basically about life after college and the struggles young people go through to get by, like relationships, paying bills, getting decent jobs, self-esteem, and finding true meaning to their existence. I used to watch this plenty of times at around 12 years old because I had a crush on Ethan Hawk. It centers around Lelaina (Winona Ryder) who often uses a camcorder to document her "unexciting" life with her friends after college, sharing quotes and thoughts on every day occurrences. She lives with her friends and bunks with her best friend Vicki (Janeane Garofalo), is also best friends with Troy (Ethan Hawk) who's unemployed musician and Sammy (Steve Zahn) who's confused about where he belongs. There is always a connection between Troy and Lelaina where you think they just may end up together but nothing actually happens until she meets a hunky video executive named Michael (Ben Stiller) and jealously starts to spiral. Lelaina can't seem to make up her mind while Vicki, who works at the Gap, is concerned about her AIDS test results. In the end, Lelaina must choose between a life of security with a man she barely has fun with or a life with a lazy slacker who hits all the right notes. I loved the emotional scenes throughout which is incredibly realistic, the discussions and behavior of each character were solid. The language is pretty mild with sh*t (twice), b*tch, hell. Violence has some arguments and one angry outburst where a guy hits a wall. Sexual content includes a few scenes of kissing, a woman dates two guys, a guy dates a woman to get another woman's attention, women talk about sexually related stuff like becoming a lesbian would be easier...etc, talk of an AIDS test, rhino's in a home-made video are shown having sex for a second as a joke, a young couple kiss and sleep together where we see some skin, touching and groping (no nudity), a TV host is reading from cards and says he likes very young girls...this was meant to be written as a joke from an employee who gets fired, a frustrated man sings a love song on stage about wanting to go to bed with a woman, he uses some suggestive words ("Can I get just one screw"). There is some drinking, there is a scene of pot smoking but not explicit, a woman chain smokes at one point due to stress, lots of smoking by characters throughout. Overall, great story with good humor and storyline. OK for 14+.

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just the retro that we need today

refreshing cult classic hawke as troy dyer who can't get just one .. piece of satisfaction on his fast track journey to loserville as he romances lelaina, the porcelain ryder in collegiate mid 90s, summer texas. Spade & Stiller add hilarity