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Adult Written byTracerBullet June 3, 2010
age 8+

Dated cold war relic with some interesting ideas but if you want to see them executed well read John Marsden's Tomorrow Series i

Safe and comforting should not be the words that first spring to mind when reviewing a movie like Red Dawn, a film that advertises itself as a terrifying peek into an all too possible, at least to 1984 cinema goers, alternate reality, but they are the first that sprung to mine as the end credits rolled. The "what would ordinary, everyday teenagers do if their country was suddenly, and without warning, invaded" premise is a thought provoking and a scary one. The answers Red Dawn gives to it are not. Turns out ordinary, everyday teenagers will basically behave like good little patriots; they will be brave, strong and keep the all American ideals of Mom's homemade apple pie foremost in their hearts; they will make the difficult choices that have to be made, without flinching, and when death comes it will be in a glorious last stand against the oppressor. All feel good stuff. Patriotism isn't necessarily a bad thing, but as a substitute for character development. Not Good. One thing Red Dawn does have plenty of however is action, most of which is pretty tame as far a blood and guts standpoint. Young boys will love it though older folks may find it a bit blandly staged and shot. Far more satisfying is Australian author John Marsden's "Tomorrow, When the War Began" and its sequels (look them up) which tells a similar story but with none of Red Dawn's faults. Read them instead.
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Too much violence
Adult Written byropemaker January 7, 2011
age 17+
The original review on this page said there were a few prophanities, but failed to mention at least 3 blasphemies against God ( GD) which is much worse than sh** or bullsh** or a**. I stopped watching the movie because of this. The storyline is very interesting, but I was so disappointed at the blasphemy I couldn't finish the move. Blessed be the name of God forever.
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Too much swearing
Parent Written byCody912 November 25, 2012
age 14+


Very interesting todays world this movie is something to open your eyes to....It is the age of the " Unthinkable " just look around your everyday life...
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Great messages