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Reign of Fire

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age 8+

Really fun action movie with very little objectionable content

Okay, the setting is a bit dreary being a dystopian future and all, but overall this is a really fun action movie! The dragons still look absolutely incredible too. They are pretty scary looking for sure. There is minimal to no gore, swearing or sexual content. Violence: There is no human on human violence except a fist fight between the two main protagonists. Several people do die in the film but they are always shown from a long distance, or are just simply engulfed in flames (from dragons breath) and become unseen amidst them. At the beginning Quinn’s mother is shown dead briefly, but without gore, just a trickle of blood on her face. Language: none Drug use: Two characters share some homemade liquor during one scene. Van Zan often drinks from a flask, but later we find out it was always just water. Sexual content: The closest thing you could say is that in one part of the film a teenage looking boy is awakened from a bed that he was sharing with a teenage looking girl.
age 10+

A pretty decent dragon movie but careful for the little ones...

I kinda like this movie. Interesting back story. Saw it again just the other day with my 8 and 12 year old. Was a little worried about the 8 yr old seeing this but he was fine. The CGI is still holding up well. Blood is a minimum but certain scenes can be scary and intense for 10 and under. I did like the dragons!

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Great role models
Too much violence