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Remember Sunday

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age 11+

A touching, romantic film. See it!!!

Remember Sunday is an excellent romantic drama. It definitely caught me by surprise as it's a made-for-TV Hallmark PG movie, without the cliche drinking/drugs/violence so it's very appropriate for the younger crowd but it's also mature and not sappy, so adults will enjoy as well. It's basically about a waitress (Alexis Bledel) who's down on her luck and doesn't make enough money and can never find the right guy, she has also been waiting ages to get her share of her aunt's inheritance. One day she meets a friendly upbeat man who's also a jewelery store clerk named Gus (Zachary Levi) in the diner she works at. There's something about Gus that attracts Molly but she also can't figure him out. He's quirky, down to earth and adventurous - but that's not all, he also has short-term memory loss from a brain aneurysm but struggles to tell Molly in case it turns her off. His sister, who is very close to him, arranges a brilliant plan where Gus can document his conversations with others, pictures and phone calls on his computer to help him remember, because each and every day of his life he must start from scratch and fall in love with Molly all over again. The acting was absolutely fantastic. The ending was very refreshing, just when you thought it would be a cliche it had that nice little twist which kept it original. Great cast! The language is tame and includes jerk, cr@p, d@mn. There is zero violence except for a couple arguments. Sexual content is also mild with a few kissing scenes, one rather passionate but quick. Talk about a divorce & a past engagement. Surprisingly no drinking or smoking. Good messages and role models. Perfect for 11 and up!!!

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