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Parent Written byMichelle J. January 12, 2018

Outstanding Film for Children

Outstanding film for children in 3rd grade and above. Showcases the harsh realities of race relations in 20th Century America on a contextual level that younger children can understand. Is an excellent movie to begin conversations with your children about race and the importance of your words and actions. Other reviews mention "sex" and "homosexuality." Please do not let this discourage you as it is not as it sounds in these reviews. A teen who is called a "fruitcake" because he is from California and has long hair quickly kisses another guy on the lips to intentionally make him uncomfortable. In reality, the character ("Sunshine") has a worldview that is non-discriminating and was trying to show the others how ridiculous and ignorant their beliefs were and how not to stereotype people based on their ignorance. It is not a kiss of any sexual kind, but more of a joke. The overriding life lessons to be learned from this movie make it a must-watch for any child in our country. Now, more than ever, we need to start these discussions in our homes and schools to help each other learn how we are all alike, yet remain to be treated differently because of appearance. Cannot say enough good things about this film. Excellent on every level! Should be required in elementary schools in our country!

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Adult Written byNathan R. October 26, 2017

movie reveiw

Nate Russo
This movie is about a school in Virgina that is finally making the races go to school together and there state winning football team is not use to it. The school gets a new coach that is black the town is not ready to accept the change or even the players but then they go to football camp. The white kids did not like he black kids as they went on through the year they became a family more than that actually they became brother. Then they changed the communities thinks about blacks the football team kept winning on to a state title were they ended up winning the winning end the racism for the most part in the town most people didn’t like the coach at first but then they figured out that the it doesn’t matter the color of your skin creed religion they started to accept and not live in the old ways.

The movie taught me a lot specially about brother on and off the field. I learned throw this movie at a young age not to judge people on how they look on a football field nothing matters those are your brother no matter skin ton your all created equally so play throw the pain keep moving weve played racist teams at my high school we just laugh at them because we had no pain or love for them if they played like that. The movie tough me not to take what you have for advantage to have the freedoms we have now back then people were treated so bad if you weren’t a sertent color then its not good but Im happy I grew up in a different era.

The types of things that happened to the black people in the book I did not agree with . the kids couldn’t even go in the stores and eat without being harassed by white business owners and the football players couldn’t understand why because they were winning hey though something was going to change. But it didn’t start to till the coach stood up for the kids as a leader telling everyone that there just kid and should not have to be put through such a hard environment there adjustments started to fall in line.

This movie is one of the best pictures of true love through a football stand point and brother stand point. The brotherhood they have is so great that it leads them to do great thing one thing the movie taught me was not to hate on people. Brother hood that hey have is like what I had in high school with all my friends you never get that time back with your brother is just reminded me of those Friday night lights and how ill never get to suit up with my family again.
Adult Written byJeanne April 9, 2008

Wonderful movie

My 8-year-old deaughter and her friends love this movie and watch it over and over and it's a football movie! But it's obviously more than that. It's the story of teenagers who dislike each other for no reason other than color of skin. And the coach who insists that they overcome this handicap. It has lots of characters who have to make a decision as to how to live. Both football coaches make mistakes and have to apologize. Adults apologizing is fascinating to kids. Characters get mad like in real life--subtly. There is lots of grey area. It's complex, just like life. That it's based on a true story makes it even more enjoyable. The music from the '70 is wonderful. A great way to get my daughter singing the Temptations. The only caveats are that it's hard to explain why the white kids are so mean to the black kids at the beginning. And the story is complex. Other than that it's just a great story well told.
Adult Written byBARDAN October 27, 2020

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byZitronkopf October 23, 2020
Adult Written byTylyndah May 7, 2020


Very good movie!! Sad emotional and well acted.
Adult Written byLynnieJ64 September 7, 2018

Mixed lessons

While this movie does contain some good lessons about overcoming differences, it also serves as a lesson in developing critical thinking skills. It claims to be based on a true story, but the claim is very loose. Alexandria schools had been integrated fir 6 years before the season in which the film is based. Most of the events in the story were complete fiction. A wonderful opportunity to teach children about the difference between a fictionalized account and truthful documentary.
Parent of a 10 and 12-year-old Written byT S. February 2, 2018

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Adult Written byclarence August 5, 2015
Parent Written byPlague December 15, 2009

Remember the Titans

Great heart warming movie tha teaches that we are all equal no matter your skin color. A fabulous, powerful movie for the whole family to charish for years to come.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byAshnak April 9, 2008

Great Movie about racism

Good movie for kids over the age of reason
Adult Written byladyeaglesportster07 April 9, 2008