Parent reviews for Reno 911!: Miami

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age 17+

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age 16+

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age 4+

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age 18+

Reno No-Go

THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR CHILDREN! This movie I would recommend to my adult friends, on the other hand. It is a VERY funny movie, but also very inappropriate.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 13+

No Funnier then the T.V. Show, iffy for teens

Reno 911: Miami is no funnier then the Reno 911 T.V. show. If you like the T.V. show, then you'll probably like the movie. The one main difference between the movie and the show, is that the movie has none of the blurs or bleeps. There are about 8 F-words, 1 n-word, two scenes of naked breasts and one sex scene. The are a couple of gloss-out scenes used for laughs, such as a man following a grenade off screen, then then getting blown up, the police blow up a whale and as a result whale guts fall everywhere, and one person is eaten by a alligator (The audience only sees blood in the water.

This title has:

Too much sex
not rated for age

funny but only for teens and up

if your teen is fairly mature and likes the show than you should take them to see it...i assure you all the language in this movie, they have heard just as much in one day at their school. the sex is pretty heavy...a shot of brief boobs...constant PG-13 level sexual jokes and one awkward scene. one girl does drugs(you find out it is fake, and she is with the FBI). so overall, 13+.
not rated for age

Not easily offended, but....

This movie even made me cringe a few times. There is no possible way I would encourage my child of any age (including adult) to watch this movie.
not rated for age


This movie was not very funny at all. Obviously they are running out of ideas that they had to add more nude women. It was also gross that a wale blew up. There is lots of masterbation in a joking way through windows in motel. There are bare breasted women with the camera on them for several minutes, also another bare breasted woman runs and her breast bounce up and down. (nipples visible) Then there is a sex seen and a womans breasts are pushed against the window and her boobs make a squeaking noise against the window and here nipples are rubbed against it. It was so unnecessary for all the explicit content in this movie. Definitely rediculous!