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age 4+

This movie is for adults NOT!

I only watched the first few minutes of this movie on HBO and we definitely changed the channel because it was so stupid! These adults imitate like little kids; don't ever take anyone over the age of six to this movie!! It should be rated G, or maybe "S for Silly."
not rated for age

waste of money!

crapiest movie iv ever seen
not rated for age

not for anyone under 17

do not watch this movie if you're under 17
not rated for age


nice the movie got balls
not rated for age

Longer Version of the TV Show

Reno 911!: Miami is a fun movie. I don't recommend taking this to seriously, definitively appropriate for younger teens in which sadly they don't seem to get after being cursed at repetitively while working the box office at my local theater the weekend of its released, so any one under 17 wanting to see this with out their parent NO ID NO MOVIE! Its not suitable for you any way.
not rated for age


The movie was very humorous but had A LOT of sexually explicit material that was almost the same as pornography. Other than that, it was pretty raunchy, but ok.
not rated for age

Raunchy, innapropriate movie adaption of popular Reno 911 T.V show.

Reno 911: Miami had it's hilarious parts however this T.V adaption did not keep me entertained for the good majority of the time. Throught Reno 911 there is a very good amount of swear words and language, f**k, s**t and basically everything you would suspect before going, due to the huge popularity of the MTV show Reno 911. Not very much violence, a whale blows up, some accidental shooting of the gun, all violence, if any, is meant stricly for comedy purpose. There is however alot of sexual themes, and a scene taking place on a nude beach so there is some nudity there, as well as references to masturbation. If you liked Reno Miami i would suggest such films as Jackass, Borat and South Park: The Movie.
not rated for age