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Parent of a 10 year old Written bycaribbeandream October 21, 2014

Great reboot of fun wholesome Halloween series

The good - At first it was strange seeing anyone other than Kimberly Brown play the Cromwell middle child, but I actually think Sara Paxton is a better actress. (Yes, that is Sara Paxton, not Alexis Bledel). The bad - I know that the two older Cromwell children went off to college but what I really liked about this series was the family dynamic between the generations. The mom only shows up in the first few minutes of the movie and Debbie Reynolds (grandma Cromwell) is nowhere to be found. Heck, the youngest of the three Cromwells has not been seen since the second movie. ): The ugly - Everyone in this movie is much too pretty. Even the "monsters" that went to Halloweentown High are human looking in this movie! What happened to the trolls, monsters and other odd-looking creatures that make Halloweentown well, a Halloween town.
Parent of an infant and 10 year old Written byDominikaRudzka April 9, 2008