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Rip Tide

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Worthwhile movie

Yes the protagonist in this movie is emotional, makes bad decisions, says mean things when she’s angry and fights with her Mom. Kind of like a typical 18 year old girl. She goes on a journey and matures and makes good decisions, and resolves issues. People aren’t perfect. Neither is this movie. I think it’s a great source of talking points for a parent and child.
age 13+

Wonderful movie!

Captivating story of a supermodel teenager who has been denied the privilege of pursuing her dream of being a designer over being a model to please her mother. Good family story subplots. Watching the evolution of a dream tastefully and pleasingly done. Throw in a little romance and a fun location. Great way to spend 90 minutes with a granddaughter!

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Great messages
Great role models
age 8+

Not bad

I feel like people need to gice this movie a chance. It is not that bad. Cora was a bit rebelious during the film but within reason and she could have handle situations better but if you seen the reason why she acted out you would understand. As for her not saying sorry at points she did try and apologizing is never easy but you felt that she felt bad for her actions.
age 10+
Cora stood up to her mom so she could have her dream. Modeling was your mom's dream not hers. Stealing Mom from her mom was wrong. I did not like how mean and rude she was to her Aunt, Tom and the girls. She came back like everything was okay and didn't say she sorry. Her Aunt almost lost her life because she went into the water after what Cora said..