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'90s slapstick spoof has lots of cursing, innuendo.
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Written byAnonymous November 24, 2018

The butt review

Robin Hood men in tights is one of my favorite movies. There is some sex and little nudity. There is some cussing like a**, and sh*thouse, b*tch and pissed off. There is violence with a bunch of people ripping there ears off(In a funny way and not on screen, it just shows a bunch of people throwing there ears at him). There is arrows firing and sword fights. There is a part in the archery contest where it shows the blind guy putting his hands on the guys fake breasts.
Adult Written byTheresa B. September 2, 2017

Classic Slapstick humour!

I've rewatched this movie so many times that I've lost count! The supposed swearing this site indicates is one time Latrina says her old name before she changed it was Sh*thouse. The rest of the words I would not consider swearing. Yes there is sexual innuendos and one bathing scene which leaves little to the imagination, but there is no sex and no nudity.
Classic Mel Brooks humour like when Latrina saves the Sherrif with a magical pill which is actually a mint ´lifesaver' candy. All the Blinky 'blind' jokes get me roaring! If you are worried about a good message or role models I would say they band together as a village and take back their kingdom from the evil Prince John. Just in time for the king to come back and take over. Classic Robin Hood role models. Also there is a strong wait for marriage before having sex message .

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Parent of a 9 and 11-year-old Written byjcmccain December 27, 2014

Fun but not exactly educational

Slapstick and typical Mel Brooks mix of crude/intelligent humor. My 10&12 yo boys enjoyed it although I cringed a little at the discussion of virginity and shots of a chastity belt. It doesn't exactly have strong female role models either. Also some minor language (pi$$) but nothing terrible. Some of the time sensitive references went over their heads ( the movie is 20+ yo now!) but still holds up.
Adult Written bykebija June 22, 2010
I remember watching this movie when it came to theaters I was 10. It was a great movie. The sexual innuendo's can be a little overboard for those who do not understand it. I can still remember several lines from the movie. I am getting ready to watch this movie again for the first time in years. After I watch it I may change my views.

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