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Adult Written bydioptric March 27, 2012

Rocky 3 cheesy and a far cry from the previous classics

Short review but I'd stick to the other Rocky movies besides this more of a silly film (It gets sillier with the fourth!) Some racial undertones but it's rocky. Don't look to deep at it besides Apollo is Black and portrayed as a friend of Rocky ( Suddenly.) Hulk Hogan fight I feel is more slapstick but it's Hulk Hogan in a Rocky movie so what do you expect? Rocky is very admirable and sticks up for Adrian when she is harassed by Clubber. For younger kids there is a small bit of sexual material. Anyone older the age of 8 would probably see Clubber as being wrong when he's harassing Adrian and handle the skimpy outfits the women have on maturely (Depends on your kid though.) Rocky is a good role model and is determined to stand up for what he believes in and work hard to get there. Clubber is clearly shown as evil and is treated as the opposite of Rocky's morals which is shown clearly. Not a good film but if your kids want to see it wait till they're just about to hit 10.
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