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Kid, 10 years old June 10, 2011

Great for kids who are going to be supersluthes when they grow up

You should ask some of your friends if they've seen it so that you can decide if you want you're kid to see that certain movie only or want you're child(s) to watch all the Roxie Hunter movies
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Kid, 11 years old May 22, 2016

Great Girls and pre-teens movie!

I watched this movie as I wanted to complete the Roxy Hunter series. I was highly disappointed that the amnesiac mermaid girl Annie didn't speak :(. I really wanted to hear her speak. There was also not as many mermaid scenes as I hoped as this is a mermaid movie after all. younger kids will need to know about amnesia to understand about the mermaid charcter so I think kids ages 9 and up will enjoy this movie especially tweens.
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