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Not as bad as you think

Yes, there are a few dark scenes, but this can also teach some valuable lessons. Rudolph does get blackmailed, and this can have kids learn to be careful. This portrays any kid, as they don't want something harmful to happen to their family or friends, which is also a bit like me. It can be a bit upsetting to most little kids, so get the talks and hugs ready. I remember I used to love this when I was younger, and I still do. Don't let the parade pass you by, it's a very memorable song. I'm a bit upset though that people are making it have a negative outcome. Plus, it was released in 1979 (41 years old), where violent things in children movies were ok. So, just give it a chance. Besides, you can't hate it before you see it. I hope you enjoy! And don't let this film pass you by! :) (The first good review for this movie, by a kid)

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Great messages
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This is the darkest christmas classic I've ever seen. I don't know why they made this film so scary. This has creepy imagery and the villain will scare some young children. The villain turns into a tree which in my opinion is creepy. Very disappointing Christmas Classic.

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Too much violence
age 7+
Where is the true Christmas spirit in this movie? Seeing my favourite Christmas characters threatened like this isn't my idea of a good movie. Rankin-Bass almost always manages to create a memorable and wonderful Christmas special each time, but this is one of the very few examples why they aren't perfect. The musical numbers aren't amazing, and certainly not great. It would be a very saddening movie for young children, and it's best to just skip this one.