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It’s an okay movie. I want a sequel. They kill innocent people and kids but every movie like this does. Not the best movie I’ve seen but not the worst. The main character is a little too harsh other then killing the other killers. She also killed my favorite character.
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Very intense; not for the faint of heart, but very good.

This movie is about a high school girl whose school has a mass shooting. She knows how to use firearms, and has to think quickly. She is also haunted by the trauma of her mother's death. I rated this movie 18+ because there is an extreme amount of violence and graphic images with lots and lots of blood, so if you are sensitive, you won't like this movie, but this should be obvious because it's a movie about a school shooting. There is lots of vulgar language. There is no consumerism or use of alcohol/drugs/smoking that I am aware of. The only sexual part of it is a scene where one of the shooters makes a teacher take off her shirt, but anything that it shows is very brief and to my knowledge there is only implied nudity because I remember this being shot from behind the teacher. The main character is a great role model and the movie has educational value because it shows the importance of survival skills, quick thinking, and training in firearms and self-defence. Be warned, however, that it is a very intense movie with some very adult themes. Things I love about the movie: The main character is selfless and tries to save as many people as she can while putting herself in danger. This is not to tell the audience to automatically be like her in any emergency and be the one to put yourself at risk, but it's showing how her skills have paid off and how important they can be. I also love the ending. At first, I rolled my eyes really hard, thinking it was going to be some stupid, cheesy bookend about having mercy, even on the bad guys, which so many stories seem to think they have to have in them, but it was a twist and a very satisfying one, and exactly what I would have done in the same situation. If you shoot up a school, you deserve anything you can get. This is an important topic today and I'd ask you to put politics aside when deciding whether or not to watch this. Lots of people know that it was made by a right-leaning organization, which makes everyone automatically think it will be horrible and pure propaganda without even giving it a chance. But from the movie, you couldn't tell either way. There are things that might make you think it leans right, like how the main character has skills in firearms, but there are also things that might make you think it leans left, like "Eve of Destruction" that plays at the end, a very anti-war song. Because it has things that could make you think it leans to either side, I promise you cannot tell that the organization that made it is right-leaning. People just hear this and dismiss it when in reality it's just like any other movie made by anyone else. I saw one review where the reviewer didn't like it for this reason (politics), saying it "insults" any victim of a school shooting, but it's not doing that at all, it's showing the importance of this issue. After all, that's what Holocaust movies do. They show the importance of the Holocaust, but no one would say it's made to mock the victims, just like Titanic isn't mocking the real life victims, and movies about Vietnam aren't mocking those victims either. This person also said that kids would try to "emulate" the bad guys but if it makes you want to emulate anyone, it's the hero, and again, it's not saying outright that you should put yourself in danger if something like this happens. That's not the message. Anyone who'd see this and then want to "emulate" the bad guys was already extremely disturbed to begin with.

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much swearing
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age 14+

I haven't seen it

I haven't seen it yet but I did want to add that you can watch it on the Daily Wire for free with a subscription. I also wanted to add that it is rated TV-MA
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