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Animal-centric holiday flick has jumbled plot, bad acting.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byWeSledgeMovies December 18, 2019


this movie is un-logical because:
The USA is one of the last places to get presents delivered. This is because, Santa would start at the longitude of 180° and the countries closest to that mark. It is like this because it works with the way the earth rotates to make it night. (Santa only delivers presents at night.) So he starts at 180° and works left, thus making the USA ( the place where this movie was filmed and set) one of the last places to get presents. BUT in the movie the cats (real goofy story line, i mean, cats???) have 6 hours to deliver presents to the whole world.

This isn't logical. This review IS logical. Think about it.
Use a globe. This review IS logical AND a geography teacher confirmed it.
If you like this movie then get a brain and a life.
Teen, 13 years old Written byCheesy movie critic July 27, 2018


Guys im not joking best movie ever i mean ever the best of the best acting and special effects and how santa is allergic to peanuts when his hand poofs up it look so realistic- the cheesy critic

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Kid, 12 years old July 5, 2018

Never gets Old!

I thought SANTA CLAWS was funny and entertaining. It is a great Christmas movie for the family!

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Teen, 16 years old Written byYllNvrTkeMeAlveCpprs February 3, 2018

Hilariously bad movie with unlikeable and creepy characters...

The movie starts off in what is supposedly the 80's, when Tommy's mom is a kid, but their house looks modern and no different than it does in the present time. In the first scene, Santa finds out that he's allergic to cats and clumsily crashes into the Christmas tree, knocking Julia's (Tommy's mom) record off one of the boughs, which wakes Julia up. Santa then rubs his nose in a panic and magically flies up the chimney (with low-budget b movie effects). Julia's next door neighbor, Bramble notices Santa and attempts to take a photo of him, but fails. Then the movie changes to 30 years later (present time). Julia grows up to be a scrooge and hates everything having to do with Christmas because "it's too painful to be reminded of" being bullied during her childhood for claiming to see Santa. This means she doesn't allow her son to celebrate Christmas either, though he desperately wants to, but still quotes his mom's anti-Christmas opinions wholeheartedly in conversations with strangers as though he agrees with them. (makes no sense). Julia frequently tells her son that Santa isn't real, making this movie a bit inapropriate for small children. Tommy even buys a small Christmas tree with his allowance money and puts it in his bedroom, but his mom sees it and decides to punish him by taking it away, saying, "there's no reason to have a tree if we're not going to put presents underneath it". Although Tommy's mother is awful, Tommy still acts like a brat at times. He rolls his eyes at one part and sticks his tongue out at the camera. Tommy also seems to be very irresponsible even for his age. He leaves the door open when he goes outside even after his mom tells him to close it. Another reason this movie makes no sense is the fact that Julia and Bramble are still next door neighbors living in the same houses and neighborhood as when they were kids.I mean, what the heck happened to their parents? I suppose I shouldn't put too much thought into this movie, but some plot holes like this are just so stupid. It's like the writers barely put any thought into the story. Every character in this movie is unlikeable, and two of which are creepy. Bramble is a middle-aged stalker who hates cats and is still obsessed with catching Santa even as an adult, "Santa" is nothing like Santa and even makes an inappropriate sexual comment at one part. His laugh is also more like an evil laugh than a jolly "ho ho ho". The part where he decorates the house is when his evil laugh is the most noticeable. Bramble spies on Julia's house the whole movie and even kidnaps her cat and traps it in a box. One part that drove me crazy is the part where Tommy is hiding from his mom and had his mouth open in shock for a whole minute! Other stupid parts include Santa having an allergic reaction to cookies and wearing a fake swollen hand, Tommy not even knowing what a CD or a record are, and Santa sneezing multiple times on Bramble's face (which is supposed to be funny, but it's just disgusting). The cats are cute, but not even they can save the movie. Overall a tremendously dumb movie and the ending is the worst. I watch it just to laugh at the stupidity! By the way Bramble is a total hipster. Huge glasses and all. YUCK!

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Teen, 13 years old Written bylittledemon December 24, 2017

gud fur kiddies

good if kids watching are 3-7. other complaints that say it spoils santa are wrong. if you watch the full movie the message is santa is real and you should always believe in him.

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