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Decent and really funny. Very mild for an R rating.

Hilarious sci-fi/comedy movie that in my opinion, should be rated PG-13 for peril, language, mild sexual content, mild drug use and drunken behavior. Violence 4/10: Very little violence, but there is peril about the alien takeover and the aliens’ powers to drug and kill people. However, it’s meant to be funny because the aliens are akin to the Tribbles from Star Trek (but more deadly) and their drugging power is “pouffing” the air and making everyone dizzy. Sex 4/10: A huge element to the film is a couple’s relationship, and there are sexual references, but nothing is explicit. A shower scene involves the couple naked and just showering; no nudity is seen except for the man’s chest. A brief, mild sexual scene at the beginning, and in one scene, the couple gets drunk and it’s heavily implied they have sex offscreen. (it’s stated drunkenly by one person). Language 7/10: Like the movie Speed, the language is the real reason behind the R rating, but also like Speed, although there are many uses of “f—k” and other swears, even the language isn’t as constant and explicit as other R-rated movies. Drug use 6/10: Mild weed smoking, but there is lots of alcohol drinking, and the couple gets drunk in multiple scenes.

This title has:

Great messages
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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The movie didn’t have the greatest ending.