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Scary but very entertaining movie based on classic books.
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Kid, 11 years old August 9, 2019


This is a great movie that anyone who loves a bit of jump scares should watch!
It is mostly blood less. The monsters are scary enough for the movie not to need blood.
I recommend this to everyone!
Teen, 13 years old Written byTheatre.kid August 25, 2019

Scared Me To Death

Alright, Alright. I’ve seen some pretty scary movies, like Us, It, and I saw this yesterday thinking it was going to be no big deal. I was wrong. I looked away for every creepy scene. I wanted to leave the theater. I had my ears plugged almost the whole time. When I got home I was actually shaking and on edge. But regardless, they did a really good job with the effects and the scare factor. And it is the scariest movie I’ve ever watched in my life.
Teen, 14 years old Written byJOSullivan15 August 22, 2019
Kid, 11 years old August 14, 2019

This book based film has some jump scares and definitely will entertain tweens

Language: 5/10
Sex/Nudity: 3/10
Violence/Action/Scariness: 7/10
Drinking/Drugs/Smoking: 2/10

Language Is Not A Major Problem But Some Is Definitely not appropriate for younger children. It includes s**t, a**hole, he’ll, And Some other milder potty language and exclamations, there is some brief racial comments. Sex is not a major problem either but there is some innuendo and sexual references, a character has a pen with a sexual but not nude image. No nudity. There is no very strong violence but there are plenty of jump scares, scary/Disturbing images, Action Violence, and non- graphic or bloody decapatation. No blood except for mild cuts. There is no drugs or smoking but teens drink and do look intoxicated. empty beer cans thrown. The film is PG-13 so parents should not expect R rated horror elements such as blood. overall ok for 5th/6th traders and older. Tweens as young as 9 though many enjoy it but due to Language and distrubing Images I feel it should be 11+ for caution.

I would give Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark a PG-13 Rating for violent images, terror, Some Language, Disturbing Images, Thematic elements, And Some Innuedo.

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Violence & scariness
Kid, 9 years old August 13, 2019

good but scary

this movie is scary but i like it i read the book the book is not scary

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Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Teen, 16 years old Written byTbird26 August 12, 2019

Fantastic horror movie of the year is for mature audiences.

I loved this movie. If you have read the book like me at a very young age, you were really looking forward to this movie to the big screen and boy was it worth it! The creature designs are spot on. The jangly man was invented entirely for the movie and worked great for the movie he felt like a character just like in the book. This movie is really good but it has disgusting moments in the film if you have a weak stomach. Otherwise it isn’t too bad. It has racial slurs and other bad language but nothing too extreme. It also has some blood but not a lot. The movie mainly focuses on disgusting tension building scenes and frightening imagery. People with arachnophobia may find one scene very disturbing. But its meant for mature teens. But is a good horror movie starter for most. I would give Scary Stories to tell in the Dark a 85/100
Kid, 0 years old August 12, 2019

Really good

I love this movie 15 + is good if your mature 10 + Is good.. me and my dad so it we loved it...

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written byTherealdirtydan August 12, 2019

A good intro to horror

This movie isn't particularly violent but is pretty scary making it a good first horror movie for a tween. Fairly well made and very entertaining.
Kid, 8 years old August 12, 2019

Fantastic, scary intense film based of classic books

Parents need to know that Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is a well-made horror movie based of the classic books from the 1980's. The film is about a group of teens who find the house of Sarah bellows a ghost who rights scary stories that become real. After the teens take the book they start disappearing from the storys that write themselves and it all comes alive. So like the books the scary tone is always there throughout the film with lots of jump scares and creepy imagery. So this film should definably be out of reach of kids who gets scared of ghosts and creepy stuff and if they do see it they should be familiar with the book. There is lots of terror but not a lot of blood but lots of limbs and flesh shown with creepy monsters and scary scenes. There is a monster with its head coming out of a chimney and arms and legs and body while the officer stars shooting at the head. There is stabbing with a pitchfork walking scarecrows, eyeless creatures and a creepy pale lady hugs a teen out of existence. Plus a load of spider eggs hatch on a teens face causing lots of screaming and bug bites. There is some iffy behavior like a character throwing a bag of flaming poop at a drive-by. Also when a teen damages a diverse characters car righting a racial slur on the car. Plus references to the Vietnam war and that car being a characters only home. Plus a bit of language with uses of S--T, A--hole, B---T, D--k and more plus racial slurs and a hard to be sure F--K that is kind of cut off. There is not a lot of messages expect noticing a mistake and trying to change it and helping others but hard to be listening to those messages you will to busy screaming. But if couldn't handle happy death day, gremlins, poltergeist or other PG-13 horror movies this is then maybe you should skip this one too. My rating is PG-13 For Horror creature violence, and terror, language including racial epithets, and suggestive behavior

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Violence & scariness
Teen, 16 years old Written byGhoulGirl13 August 9, 2019

Great Movie Based On Classic Books

I really liked the way they did this movie based on some of the stories from the books Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. I grew up reading those and I know a lot of them, so this movie was especially interesting and entertaining to watch. It has some funny parts, and there’s some particularly scary parts as well. Nothing a kid over 12 can’t handle though. I also liked how the kids in the movie were a good representation of role models - sticking together. I recommend this movie!

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Positive Messages
Positive role models