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Adult Written byProud Mom September 15, 2009

Great for anyone over 6 years old!

Love it! The gang is very real and lovable. They obviously get beyond their preconceptions of each other to learn to work together and develop friendships with each other. I love Shaggy's line to Scooby at the beginning stages of the Mystery Gang, "Touchy group, huh pal?" Yet later they are willing to risk their reputations and lives for each other.
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Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byChuck Reid March 17, 2012

My jaw was open the whole time!

This SD movies was GREAT! It was very funny and very action packed! I recommend it to all mystery lovers!
Parent of a 13 year old Written byDr. Weird September 11, 2010


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Too much violence
Too much sex
Parent of a 3 and 7 year old Written byTheSoshels September 15, 2009
Great kid movie. ghost are a little scarry and the fact that Daphne lives in a mansion and has to ride the car that is supposed to be for her "lawn man/gardener" is a little posh. On the question of age I consider the posted age to be a bit conservative. I am very strict about what my kids watch and the best way to judge age limitations for this movie would be to gague your childs maturity level. My 3 going on 4 year old, does not belive in ghost nor is he scared of T.V. ghost. Both of my children (7 year old daughter 3 year old son) had no issues with this movie. I should also say they never have nightmares from movies anyhow. I would have turned it off if I deemed it innapropriate but they only things I cringed about wast the kiss scene and the ghost smashing stuff and Fred yelling at the ghost. The "Bears and the Dolphins" was a noticle plug as was the Ben and Jerry's, but the old cartoon version would have thrown those out there too. Overall it was a fun spooky movie. I rate it for a 6 year old and up or a very mature 4-5 year old.
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Too much consumerism
Adult Written byguyton September 4, 2009

anybody dont see it though it's going to be bad

i mean really why would you go and ruin a perfectly fine movie by making another one that isnt even the real people. they should have stopped with the first two which in my opinion were pretty good but i promise this wont be good at all