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Scary and uses b#*ch several times

Good film and obviously all works out fine in the end but the ghost of Christmas future is a scary skeleton with strange heads inside him. Jacob Marley is a dusty, freaky corpse. A employee comes to try and shoot Scrooge with a shotgun and Scrooge sees himself being cremated (his feet and body graphically on fire) in Christmas future. B#*ch is used several times in reference to women in the film. My kids (8 & 10) enjoyed it but it made me uncomfortable. Would not recommend for under 12s.

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Too much swearing
age 13+

Never quite gets there

This movie tries to convey a positive message as you would expect from a retelling of "A Christmas Carol". However, the change from the villainous Scrooge character to his reformed self is not very convincing. Bill Murray just doesn't seem to be feeling anything all that deeply, so the ending feels like going through the motions. Also, the comedy bits get more forced toward the end. There are a few amusing bits sprinkled here and there, but they didn't add up to a good movie in my opinion. There were some moments of violence and gross-out "ghost" imagery played for comedy that felt a little distasteful. As the Common Sense reviewer mentioned, there are some sexual references that both feel awkward in a family movie, but also don't seem to fit with the relationship portrayed on screen. But they're not funny either, so why are they even there? Altogether, I would say this movie makes sense as a PG13 for content... but I can't picture children or teens being amused or moved by it either. It would not be on my list of must-see movies for Christmas.
age 12+

A staple favourite

Great to watch with older children, fun take on a classic that we enjoy year after year.
age 14+

A dark take on the classic Charles Dickens tale

Albeit a lot of language, drug and alcohol use and some sexual references the movie has a positive message. It shows the viewers just how bad it is to be consumed by money and greed. Best suited for 14+

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Too much sex
age 12+

A great classic version of Christmas Carol

Bill Murray is Bill Murray in this.... If you don't like his dead pan, zany, grumpy comedy this won't be your fave film. Some swearing (e.g. Bitch) violence.... However we really enjoy it each advent. If you know A Christmas Carol, you'll know the plot: a high powered grump is horrid to people especially at Christmas.... His dead friend sends 3 ghost to sort him, his love life and his clerk's poor family out and it's a happy ending. An excellent formula in my opinion. Murray is funny but the ghosts are great and the whole concept that he is a TV dude producing the Christmas Carol going on at the same time adds a few more levels to the story. Our daughter aged 9 watched bit of this with us as we felt she was mature enough... But as we predicted she got a bit bored as the witty script and pop culture references are more for us. Personally I don't see anything in this our 9 year isn't aware off already... The violence is slapstick, not horror and not shocking or encouraged. A little bit of a skimpy costume, vague mention of karma sutra (questions most welcome in our house!) but certainly no sex - the importance of positive relationships are key to this film. In fact the core message is a fantastically positive one: make people kind your business and make your business being kind to people!

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Great messages
age 15+

CSM review leaves out sexy parts

The sex area review leaves out that you CAN see the areolas of the nipples of the dancer (not to mention their pubic area is barely covered with nude pantyhose from the waist down) and her breasts are exaggerated. ADDITIONALLY in a flashback, a female coworker sits on a photo copier and begins handing out xerox copies of her butt and crotch to every man at the work xmas party... I think it has some crude parts and is best left for teens... however, it is a classic and one of my faves.
age 16+

Nipples are visible

We watched this with our 11 and 12 year old based off the reviews. Should have looked into it more. Areolas are plainly visible in a scene. the rest of the movie is fine for over 10 years old.

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Too much sex