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Boring movie, jokes not funny.

This movie was really boring, the opening scene when the dad finds the alien device thing, that scene looked promising it looked like it could be an okay movie, but once the actual main characters enter the story it was just boring. Charlie is actually kinda annoying, and the girl that is like supposedly the “badass” girl character, I honestly didn’t like her, she was annoying and it felt like she thought too highly of herself like as if she was so cool. And the other girl who is like the popular girl, I just honestly hate that trope, and why nickname one of the characters Big Mac? It sounds like product placement for McDonald’s. And I think there were also like those jokes that are supposed to appeal to the kids and teens, I hate jokes that reference tik tok or some dead trend because it sounds way too try hard and like a bunch of 40 year old guys wrote it, those jokes are not funny. The acting was kinda bad too and why does the superhero suit look like a rip off iron man? Also the movie only has like two settings, the school and the secret headquarters (hence the name) but I feel like only having a limited amount of settings makes the movie boring.
age 5+

Worst Movie Ever Created

Worst movie I have ever watched. I am a teenager and watched this with my parents and younger brother. Safe to say we all hated it. The acting,writing,and directing was horrible. My family and I are not picky for movies at all but this was just so bad. The main character is the child Charlie and he just whines throughout the entire thing because his dad “lies” and isn’t there 24/7 to help him wipe his ass then there’s the kids that have their Nick names as Big Mac and Burger. The girl who had to be so “strong” and the obnoxious side character that was thrown in for no reason. All of the “humor” felt forced and was just awkward. The entire time watching this movie My family and I kept checking how much time was left before it ended because we wanted it over. To save your time I wouldn’t waste it on watching this movie.
age 12+
age 5+

Solid superhero story

This movie is actually worth watching. The lines were smart and clever instead of being dumb and actually made me laugh. Cinematography and acting is excellent and very good. Would recommend to families to watch together.

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Too much violence
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This title has:

Great role models