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Parent reviews for She's the Man

Common Sense says

Cute but crass comedy based on Shakespeare play.
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Parents say

age 11+
Based on 18 reviews

Kids say

age 11+
Based on 101 reviews
Adult Written bywonder dove January 19, 2013

Excellent fun for younger viewers!

She's the Man is one of those "way better" teen comedy movies for tweens and teens. I loved it when it first came out on DVD. It's hilarious, fun and fairly clean. Viola (Amanda Bynes) is sort of a tom boy, she likes sports, especially soccer and wants to play on the boys team but can't seem to convince anyone that girls are just as good as guys. So she decides to "become" a boy herself by turning herself into her look-a-like brother Sebastian while he flees to England, not knowing that is sister is imitating him. Her transformation is a success with the help of her friends and she enrolls herself at her brother's school and becomes roomies with her future love interest, Duke, who has a crush on another girl named Olivia who actually has a crush on Viola (as Sebastian). Trying to keep up with her double life, Viola runs into some trouble which forces her to come clean and tell the truth about who she is and why she did it, while hoping they will still except her on the soccer team. Very funny movie! Not much violence except for a comic girl fight (hair pulling, punching, pushing) and some arguing. Sexual content is mild with some kissing, flirting, hugging, a butt slap...all in comedy style. A boy drops his pants to prove he's a boy and girl lifts her shirt to prove she's a girl (nothing shown). Language is mild with some slang. Viola's man voice is too funny! Excellent for the younger crowd - good messages too. Good for 12 and up!!

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byvegmama April 9, 2008

no thanks!

We paid for this movie in our hotel while on vacation to watch with our 9-year-old. It was absolutely horrible! Although there wasn't any memorable swearing, the subtle sexual and derogatory comments made mostly by Amanda Bynes were out of line, and we ended up turning the movie off about halfway through, after having to explain things to our son too many times! Ok, it is a PG-13, and our son is 9, but there is a line Amanda uses when she is dressed as a boy looking at a girl regarding her "tapping that". That was precisely the moment we turned the movie off. We didn't think that would even be appropriate for a 13-year-old! It was a total waste of money.
Adult Written byM&M1995 July 29, 2017

Amanda Bynes at her finest in chaotic comedy filled with humorous violence.

I absolutely love this movie. It really never gets old no matter how many times you watch it. I personally think that Amanda Bynes, playing Viola, shines in this comedy movie, although the rest of the cast delivers on the over-the-top dramatics, especially the actress portraying Monique (Sebastian's constantly raging and obsessive ex-girlfriend). Even Viola's friends contribute to the comedic atmosphere in the movie. Viola disguises as her brother Sebastian and although it is obvious to the viewers, the other characters are completely unaware of this. The result: hilarity ensues and everyone gets tangled in a web of lies and deception. Because Viola disguises as someone of the opposite sex, there are a few "homoerotic" moments with Duke, and awkward encounters with Olivia in particular, who develops a crush on "Sebastian." She's the Man does rely on typical high-school archetypes, such as the jock (Duke), the geek (Eunice), and the blonde sweetheart (Olivia), but if you are able to get past the character "types," then you can see the movie's charm. The movie is very funny and actually does not rely too much on sex jokes or innuendo, which is surprising for a teen comedy. Aside from some occasional and hilarious flirting between characters, mild kisses... and shirtless guys or women in bikinis and revealing clothing at times, there is nothing to worry about. However, one of the final scenes has Viola pulling up her shirt to prove to everyone that she is in fact female (the guys are seen ogling), and her brother Sebastian pulls down his pants to reveal his manhood to prove that he's male. This is all played for laughs though, and the sensitive bits are off-screen. There is a moderate amount of violence, like when Justin and Duke get into a fist fight at the fair; Viola, Olivia, and Monique getting into a catty brawl in a bathroom, where they slap each other and throw stilettos; Viola slaps her ex-boyfriend Justin. Swear words are kept to a minimum, with insults such as "b*tch" being used and other minor language. You should definitely check this movie out. On a bit of a side note, the soundtrack is also really good.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byKelly A June 13, 2014

Encouragement for girls in sports

There is definitely a positive message for girls who are told they can't pursue athletic dreams. The plot is based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in which Viola, in attempts to prove herself as a soccer player, pretends to be her brother and try out for her high school soccer team.

This title contains:

Adult Written byMattDallas3 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bymoviemadness April 9, 2008

Fine for 12+

This was a stupid, not-very-funny movie for tweens. Older teenagers will find it stupid, and it's not appropriate for kids. Altogether, it's an okay rental, but not worth paying for in the theater.
Adult Written bybethlthomson April 9, 2008


see with your parents.
Adult Written byChristianRater April 9, 2008

It's a great movie for kids and it is acceptable.

I would definitly let my children view this movie. It mostly just has crude humor, which most teens would find funny. I am generally a strict movie judger, but I myself saw this and think it is not innapropriate for anyone around 12+.
Adult Written byApreuss September 14, 2018
I find this movie very entertaining, however one thing really bothers me: Eunice. The character Eunice is a nerdy outcast with dental headwear. Throughout the movie the characters use her as the “ugly friend” and the proof that they’re nice. At the end of the movie, one of the guys decides to ask her out because he’s always liked her and he no longer cares what his friends think. Good outcome, right? But then Eunice says, “I know tricks” and waggles her eyebrows suggestively and they fall to the floor, presumably to make out. What?!? Why does the nerdy girl have to prove she’s got extra sexual knowledge??? Why is that needed?!? It totally ruins the message that you should not let peer pressure keep you from getting to know some one.
Adult Written bydvdgirl June 12, 2018

not bad.

I think they need to make more movies where a girl dresses as a guy. Just One Of The Guys and She's The Man is one indeed where a girl disguises herself as a guy.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent Written byKrista B. January 18, 2018

Funny movie! Great if teens like soccer !

I've watched this movie a few times with my teens. Once per year. It's funny. My teens like soccer. Good for females to watch but a total hoot for guys to watch too. She dresses up to be her brother and changes schools so that she can be on the soccer team. Some sexual like themes. Not clean and young like the movie Lady Bugs with a similar theme to this movie because a lady bugs could be for younger kids. This movie with Amanda is for teens. Very funny.
Adult Written bydhoule April 9, 2008
Adult Written bysteste140 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bytennis0 April 9, 2008

What a disappointment!!!!!

Amanda Byrnes, who is the star of this movie, has been a role model for my daugher: cute, funny, open, not overdone make-up wise or attitude. This movies begins as a comical commentary on whether or not a girl can play on a boys soccer team. However, at the end, one boy pulls down his pants in front of a stadium crowd and Amanda Byrnes pulls her shirt up to prove she is a girl. Neither instances were necessary and took away from the point of the movie. It is all my daughter could focus on, "Mom, what did u think?" What an embarrasment for me and should be for Amanda Byrnes. YUCK!
Adult Written bycarebear_lover April 9, 2008


alright then diz movie was very funny i was started crying.it was nice in the end when olivia went out with the boy.they make such a nice couple.Whoever 12 and older they should see diz movie.
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Good Rental

Glad I didn't pay money to see this one in the theatre, but it's good for a funny rental. We enjoyed it.
Adult Written by7th_heaven_fan April 9, 2008
Adult Written byquest13 April 9, 2008

No NO NO NO NO NOT FOR 12 tear ld kids even though it's good

Hilarious but at least be 14